Flames in TRUTH

As we walk the expansion in TRUTH journey we will reach certain KEY points where we are asked to walk thru what is akin to a spiritual solar flare.  These flames are placed on our journey in order that wider Creation in TRUTH is protected from all, any and every seed of the old earth construct/matrix.  The flames work to spiritually dissolve and burn off that which is wrapped around us at a spiritual level in frequency.  It is to be noted that without these spiritual solar flares the entire process of moving thru the expansion in TRUTH process would be extended beyond one human life time. As this is not TRUTH and is a frequency wall that was intentionally created to protect the old earth construct/matrix our Creator YHWY thru His Son, Christ has Graced us with this gift. 

The flames comes in various forms and are available as meditations on this website. It is to be noted that the meditation is the connection to the FLAME KEEPER Angel in TRUTH and once the initial meditation is achieved then further activation and expansions grow from this. 

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