Releasing Eden

Forgiveness is something that many within humanity struggle with mostly due to the fact that we have been conditioned to reference and store all the pain and separation that we have experienced in this our human form.  We may often say the words "I forgive you" but then our human logical mind replays the painful experience and once more we are back where we were.  So what is different about the forgiveness that we are asked to accept and to share within our journey in the Salvation in TRUTH process?  First of all we will be given the understanding in order to reach said forgiveness, we will be shown TRUTH in relation to the entire picture, not just what we have assumed through our lens of pain at the time of the experience.  

Luke 23:34 (KJV)

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast


It is so challenging to forgive and yet Christ asked our Creator YHWY to forgive those who put Him on the Cross. Why? Because if He had not forgiven humanity then He could not have moved past the death that He was to go into in order to win His Victory on the Cross for us all.  Forgiveness is a key that opens the door to our hearts and it is a key that remains hidden in plain sight.  Humanity are subject to intense pain, suffering and trauma not because they have necessarily done anything other than be born into the world but because the world was DESIGNED to give said experience.  The world that we are born into is not our Creator YHWY's Kingdom, it is a very poor copy that was made by Lucifer on his fall from Heaven.  This is hidden in plain sight and is ignored and denied by many within humanity.  Without understanding the copy that Lucifer made we are trapped within a reality that serves only to magnify and reflect the inner pain that we all carry.  We are tied to lifetimes through our SOUL which is a creation of Lucifer and which many within humanity are actively strengthening through the false teachings of the fallen ones disguised as messengers of light.  We have both a SOUL and a spirit, only one is of our Creator YHWY and in order to strengthen our spirit we must enter the Salvation in TRUTH process in full surrender for the SOUL will rebel at any and all given opportunities.  

It is the SOUL that demands "justice", "retribution" and it is the SOUL that triggers the pain again and again, fooling the human logical mind into accepting it is connected to anything other than the copy that is Lucifer's world.  A whole religion if not more which calls itself "new age" is attempting to convince humanity that the SOUL is what we are here to learn from, that we need only understand it to gain some sort of freedom.  The SOUL works against creation for the SOUL is the broken part of us, the part that Lucifer could not copy so in its place put the SOUL. It has a mission, it has a contract and all is designed to hide TRUTH. It is the SOUL that will place ego before anything and everyone else, for those who are currently trapped within the SOUL contract the only way out is to walk towards Christ but you will find that as you attempt this then those around you will try to placate you with further false teachings of "Christ Consciousness".  This is linked to the SOUL itself and is merely an optical illusion. A jail cell is still a jail cell even if it looks other than it is. We have been conditioned to ignore the bars on the windows and to remain trapped within the pain of the human life experience itself. 

The road to forgiveness is often a long one, it will see us come to a halt in our human life experience, we will get a sense of "going around in circles" and often there will be birthed a good deal of frustration.  The human logical mind will try to assure us that we need only change the outer and we will somehow move forward but this is further illusion. The reason Christ steps into our heart space is that the journey must begin internally.  As the hurt, pain and trauma is handed over in prayer to Christ then our outer waking reality begins to shift and to alter. We allow new experiences to find us, we begin to behave and live in more positive and harmonious ways and more importantly we begin to allow our vision to clear.  We can look out on to the outer waking reality and begin to understand the depth of pain that lives within those around us. 

Forgiveness is a process that is far from a one simple phrase solution.  It is not merely forgiving someone for the hurt, it is accepting that we have also hurt people, that we can be forgiven through our surrender in Christ. It is unrealistic to expect that everything in our waking life will somehow resolve itself upon the utterance of "I forgive you" but it will change, it will see our friendships and relationships with those around us deepen and take on new meaning. It will see us begin to behave in ways that bring joy and peace instead of pain and trauma and we must always remain in surrender to Christ as we begin the process through forgiveness. Just because we can understand through the gift of the Holy Spirit does not mean that those around us will and this is an important part of the forgiveness process for often we will have to remain in prayer for our loved ones and give them time to heal and accept that our behavior is changing. 

We did not take this human form in order to live some perfect life for we have taken human form.  Loving in TRUTH opens our hearts which does allow us  to become vulnerable but such is the power of LOVE in TRUTH that our vulnerability simply becomes a strength and not the weakness that we are conditioned to believe it is.