Forgiveness Is a Key

In this our human physical form we are at the endless mercy of those around us.  At any one moment we can find ourselves in a situation that we cannot understand with no idea how to "solve" it.  Emotional debris flames the fires of our confusion as we attempt to work out how those around us feel in relation to what we are doing, saying or believing.  This self-policing of the human life experience is hidden but places around us a form of tight control.  We then begin to place our problems, our pain and our fears at the feet of those around us.  It may at times seem overwhelming as we struggle on through our day believing that somehow we can find a way out of the eternal emotional struggle that is the human life experience for millions. 

When we hear the word "forgiveness" it may trigger us further for this word has been defined in many ways for us. We may see forgiveness as being a "false exit", a way to somehow dodge responsibility and it may be very challenging to move past this perception. Forgiveness does not mean that something that happened is okay, it does not mean that the pain that was involved somehow means nothing, forgiveness is the key that opens the door to healing and it is hidden in plain view.  Many within humanity refuse to use this key believing the false references that somehow by forgiving their pain means nothing and somehow they are being cheated by forgiving the one that hurt them. 

Indeed it is the exact opposite that is TRUTH, without forgiving we are being cheated, we are held in limbo, re-experiencing the pain that was caused repeatedly, this fractures the human life experience even further. Many families have been torn apart and the pain passed down from one generation to another due to non forgiveness. We are all called to stand before our Creator YHWY in judgment of our human life experience when we pass from this human form. Whether we believe this or not at a conscious waking level whilst we are in our human form this TRUTH remains. To hold on to regret, to separation, anger and hurt causes deep harm to our human bodies, it does incredible harm at a spiritual level where it seeks to hold us from spiritual growth and it keeps darkness in food continually. For it is the emotional debris that lies internally that darkness feeds from. In order to heal internally we must willingly hand all the pain and trauma to Christ and in doing so ask for forgiveness, for holding on to the pain and not letting it go. The release that happens when we reach this understanding is vast. As we begin to allow the healing power of the LOVE that IS to flow through us and as Christ holds our hand and walks us through our fear and beyond we reach a place of serenity that simply cannot be reached any other way.  

It is not our role to judge those around us or to place our pain, our expectations or anything else upon them. We cannot know the life experience of those around us.  Humanity is in deep emotional pain, most of it is hidden to humanity in general as Lucifer patrols the old world seeking to ignite the rebellion that pain produces.  We are in full rebellion to our Creator YHWY when we hold on to grudges, pain and emotional hurt.  We in this human form cannot see the bigger picture and when we surrender fully to Christ we are asked to walk with Him. We cannot do this if we do not forgive and love those around us. We are not in control, no matter how much conditioning Lucifer tries to force upon humanity we are not in control for that is not our purpose, we have a loving heavenly Father who wishes nothing more than for us to come home in TRUTH to Him. 

Matthew 19:14 (KJV)

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven

Spiritual maturity manifests as human maturity on the physical plane. We may age and "grow up" but the emotional debris that we are conditioned to keep hold of seeks to keep us as little children. As little children we are tempted by that which Lucifer presents to us and which is other than it is. We become selfish, self seeking and demanding, this behavior can be seen in all sections of humanity at this time. We are asked to come home to our heavenly Father in TRUTH, to allow Him to show us how to live in TRUTH and in doing so step out of the nursery that Lucifer seeks to have us remain within, understanding that our responsibility is to LOVE as Christ loved and  in doing so understand our creation purpose in TRUTH.