We have lived in this our human form for eons under the very strict and hidden "rules" of the old earth. An earth that is not of our Creator YHWY and an earth that has sought to cultivate fear, sickness, separation and pain in order to harvest from said cultivation.  View the old earth as a giant orchard which is harvested at certain intervals and which grows specific harvests. In order to move through the Salvation in TRUTH process and to exit said orchard we must dissolve the cultivation which is made up of various false teachings and beliefs that seek to have us work from a certain foundation within the human life experience itself. 

Our "foundation" is complete by the human linear age of two years old.  This is the point by which we will have mastered human verbal language with the previous language being non verbal behavior language. The early years are vital to the human life experience and any distortion, any fear, anxiety and separation that is sown within these early years will manifest as we grow and age. It is not TRUTH to assume that this foundation is obvious for it manifests in various forms and such is the depth of manipulation that many belief and false teaching outlines are simply attributed as "family traits".  This sees the foundation hidden in plain view with the false teachings and beliefs passed from generation to generation. 

ALL illness, all disease patterns stem from the foundation that is laid down at an unconscious level in these formative years. In order to enter the new earth that is gifted to us from our Creator YHWY we need to take out the roots of the false foundation in order that we:

Matthew 18:3 (KJV)

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven

reset the foundation and indeed become as little children once again.  It is our Creator YHWY who will dissolve the false teachings, the false belief systems and in doing so change our outer waking life experience fully.  It is the human logical mind which cannot comprehend this, indeed the human logical mind is blind to its own limitations until this is revealed within the Salvation in TRUTH process.  It is vital that we allow the dissolving to take place and this begins with the challenging of our outer waking life experience. It begins in full surrender to our Creator YHWY through our connection to His Son, Christ.  Christ is our connection point to our Creator YHWY and we can see how Lucifer has conditioned humanity to remain at the Cross with Christ, many who are held in the grip of this false teaching are in agony as they attempt to remain on said Cross and reject the movement into death and beyond in order to reach the new life promised to us by our Creator YHWY. 

The death is the death of who we were in the old earth, the death of all that we believed in order to understand how we were controlled and manipulated into rebellion by darkness and in order that we can surrender fully the rebellion and remain in full surrender to our Creator YHWY. 

Revelation 21:1 (KJV)

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea

The human vehicle was never created to store human emotion and yet this is what it has become, a storage vessel for all unprocessed and unacknowledged human emotion.  When we deny our own emotional landscape we hide it to ourselves but it is used against us, it is used to alter the outer waking reality.  We do not view the world as it is in TRUTH, we view the outer waking reality based on how we feel at any one moment.  This sees humanity fed a false teaching that the outer waking reality is a static place in which we walk and live and hides the TRUTH that no two human beings view the outer waking reality in exactly the same way.  The person who wakes in an angry mood will manifest a day in which said anger is triggered and harvested from whilst a person who wakes in a more settled mood will manifest an entirely different experience. The difference in emotional landscape and emotional reaction is that which alters the outer waking reality. There are a myriad of false teachings, many within the New Age Community that seek to have us somehow control the emotional landscape thus controlling the outer waking reality but this is akin to putting a band aid on severed limb.  We cannot consciously know every trigger and darkness will place pressure on that which is hidden to us at a conscious waking level in order to further blind us.  Knowing "self" serves no one but darkness for it places more control within the human vehicle and separates us further from our Creator YHWY.  The human mind is not our friend during this process, it is a tool of darkness because of its ability to polarize the human life experience.  Darkness is often interpreted as being pitch black but is often only cream, just off white which the human linear mind ignores.

Please refer to the earlier TRUTH Codes work within "Birthing the New earth" and "Exiting the old 3d Earth" books for more detailed explanation of emotional landscapes and early childhood.