Foundation (part 2)

We have to remember that in this our human form we are blind until we can see.  Such is the depth of conditioning that humanity are subject to that often during the Salvation in TRUTH process we will begin to query our own sanity.  TRUTH lies beyond the very limited view that the human logical mind allows for it works in absolutes and polarizes the human life experience to levels that are often breathtaking when they are illuminated fully.  The human life experience is not black or white, it is everything in between and more but our internal emotional landscape is continually triggered in order to blind us to this TRUTH. 

In order to build a foundation in TRUTH, a solid platform from which to build and live this human life experience it is vital that we allow the full healing of our human soul.  The human soul is not required in order to be human for it ties the human life experience only to the illusion of Lucifer's world. We are asked to remove the human soul in order to allow for the full anchoring of our SPIRIT in TRUTH.  When we receive the Grace of our Heavenly Father it is gifted through our SPIRIT not our human soul.  When we are gifted the Holy Spirit we will find the Holy Spirit is attacked by our human soul for the Holy Spirit is TRUTH, it triggers all that is not TRUTH within us, much like filtering water where the dirty particles float to the bottom, the Holy Spirit separates the unclean from the clean within us. 

In order to release the soul it must be whole, any fractures must be healed, if we use the analogy of a broken or shattered glass we can see that attempting to "clean up" the broken glass we will often miss pieces.  It is easier to hand over a fully formed glass and the soul must be fully restored in order for it to be surrendered to Christ. We will find ourselves at odds within ourselves as this process unfolds for we are conditioned to strive within Lucifer's world, our behaviors, our reactions, our beliefs, all sit within the human soul.  It is a challenge to approach this as our human logical mind will try to teach us that we are wrong and that without the soul we will no longer be human.  We must remember that we are under the full protection of Christ through His Blood. To attempt to remove the human soul without full surrender to and in full protection of Christ would be madness for it would leave the human vehicle open to anything and everything in the passing. 

At this part of the Salvation in TRUTH process our SPIRIT will have aligned with our human vehicle, that which prevents full anchoring is the human soul.  It is through our SPIRIT that we receive confirmation and validation of who we are in TRUTH from our Creator YHWY and through Christ His Son and fully under the protection of His Blood that we do this work. We are protected from ourselves by our Creator YHWY who will oppose our actions/behaviors where they will lead us from the narrow path that we are walking.  This may see intense frustration arise within us as hoped for outcomes never come to fruition or we are not able to make decisions or movements that we feel entitled to make.  We are extremely vulnerable as the human soul is put back together for its whole creation was for pain and separation.  In this human form we have been conditioned to run and hide from pain and separation and we cannot do this whilst we are in this process. 

Prayer and full trust and faith of our Salvation in Christ will be built as we go through this process. We are never alone, we are protected and fully loved and our understanding of that which we have been subject to and manifested will arise within us making this process easier to navigate. Always we must remain in surrender and always we must trust for we will have never walked this before in this our human form.  Always we will be validated through the permanent and often intense shifts that happen in the outer waking life experience. As we step out of darkness, out of pain, separation and trauma and into the full LIGHT of TRUTH.