Fractal Resonance in TRUTH

We are born into a dimensional space which is created using frequency and as such all that happens and manifests within said dimensional space is a product of frequency. There are many and varied false teachings that seek to have achieving a "higher frequency" as a goal and this is not only distorted but in many cases very dangerous.  It is entirely possible to gain a "higher" disonnant frequency thereby locking in the very frequency that requires to be dissolved. We are not therefore attempting to heighten our frequency but to dissolve all that is non TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS and we must be resonant with said frequency in order to move beyond the confines of that which this dimensional space allows with any frequency that is lower than that of TRUTH. 

Fractal frequencies are born from traumatic events and the word "traumatic" can have various references points for various sections of humanity. Anything that created a deep emotional reaction is that which births a fractal frequency which then lays dormant within the general frequency that is anchored within the human physical vehicle. The outer waking reality that we assume is fluid is actually static, imagine if you will the illusion presented by the average video game, the background moves and the player remains static but the optical illusion is that everything is moving on the screen and that the player is moving at all.  Now take this to the human life experience within the old earth construct/matrix and note that were are static and that which "moves" the scenery around us is our emotional reaction to that which we experience.  Not everyone has the same emotional reactions to the triggers that are placed at key moments within the construct and they are placed deliberately in order to trigger the fractal frequency within the human physical vehicle. 

Hence we have emotionally triggering headlines on social media and printed media. They are designed to trigger an emotional response first and foremost and even upon reading said articles the information is not understood or interpreted from a neutral place but through the lens created by the fractal frequencies.  What this does is make that which is placed before us "personal", we may absorb some of the details and then place it in reference to that which is within our human life experience.  So take for example someone who has experienced war and death and who is given the very logical reference of PTSD, the trauma is anchored deep within the human vehicle as not only "muscle memory" but as referenced memory.  The repeating of the emotional trauma is held by the fractal frequency which demands that the experience is avoided by triggering the repeating of that which has ALREADY been experienced. This sets up a loop of intense emotional reaction whereby the person who has experienced PTSD will be receiving impulses from the human logical mind which seeks to avoid the experience but is trying to reference the experience that is being had which is being hidden by the fractal frequency.  In plain terms it sees the human vehicle held in a continual "flight or fight" mode and the physical responses are those of the body reacting to something that is NOT being experienced but is being assumed to being experienced. It is lucid waking where that which the person even sees is not there, it is being driven by the human logical mind which is triggered by the fractal frequencies which manifests as a sort of mania.  In extreme situations this may see the person affected having waking nightmares overlaid on to what the human eyes are actually seeing. 

Fractal frequencies are not TRUTH and cannot be taken through beyond the edge of the old earth construct/matrix as they are divisive by nature and as wider creation in TRUTH is expansive it would result in a sort of full psychotic episode as the human logical mind would be overstimulated and would reference trauma repeatedly.  As we approach the very edge of the frequency boundaries of the old earth construct/matrix we will experience any, all and every fractal frequency ROOT that exists within our human physical vehicle.  We may suddenly begin to remember traumatic episodes or have feelings of being overwhelmed in situations where it makes no sense to feel at this level.  It is akin to emotionally drowning and if we allow our human logical mind to persuade us that we are somehow having a type of "breakdown" we move fully into rebellion which as it is not supported in this cleansing phase of the expansion process will see a complete halt occur in the outer waking reality. 

This is a very intense part of the awakening and expansion process and one which will see many exit the process fully unable to accept that all that they have experienced is a lie that has been accepted as something else. There is nothing of TRUTH in the old earth construct/matrix and it is human CONDITIONING that seeks to have many within humanity somehow "prove" that there is and find evidence of it.  The old earth construct/matrix is a self validating dimensional space which is set up akin to a labrynth at frequency base level. The ONLY exit is through frequency and non addressing of frequency results in a loop back into the "rabbit hole" that never ends because of the way that it is designed. It cannot be underestimated just how much influence and manipulation through human logic manifests at this level of clearance.