Galactic Emissaries

Humanity have been conditioned heavily to accept that the "universe" and beyond is a certain way and has certain "building blocks".  This is a very dense conditioning and many within humanity will struggle to even look at this let alone challenge it. We must always remember that the closer to the edge of a "belief system" we walk the more denial, ridicule and downright opposition we will experience from those around us.  This is by DESIGN, it is how the old earth matrix protects itself, using the belief systems it has implemented to self police the belief systems and to keep humanity in a holding pattern that they simply cannot see often times.

Wider Creation in TRUTH is made up of many and varied life forms and some of them have incarnated into humanity (spirit housed in a human physical form) in order to help from within humanity.  Many of the Galactic Emissaries have begun to lose their way as they have tried to navigate the VERY dense frequency containment which is the human physical vehicle itself.  As we approach the preparation for the bridge Galactic Emissaries will have to do some frequency re-alignment in relation to human physical form DNA/RNA.  This will allow for light codes and coding to be received and anchored much more easily. It will allow for physical contact from their home world life forms in due course. 

The High Council of Orion is aware of this need and to this end we are honored to bring thru the necessary frequency re-coding and alignment to the light codes required.   Please order below and allow 3 - 5 linear days for the coding to be brought thru and emailed to you. 



Vibrational Alignment thru Karen from

The High council of Orion