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Angels are BEings that are created by Creator in order to serve Him in Wider Creation in TRUTH.  There are various levels of angel (please click on relevant pages) and each level of angel is assigned a different purpose in TRUTH. Contrary to  many of the false teachings out there around angels these Heavenly Beings do NOT serve humanity directly. That is they do not appear and ask you what you wish then go about providing your every wish.  It is to be remembered that darkness can and will appear in a pseudo angelic form in order to pull those seeking TRUTH off the path.  Christ is the ONLY way to Wider Creation in TRUTH, without a firm foundation in Christ we cannot walk the path due to the illusions that will be presented.  The walk that many have had in the "new age community" is one such illusion, many believe they are talking with angels and benevolent beings when in fact they are working with the very darkness they seek to dissolve.  There is NO blending of "shadow" in the walk to TRUTH, there is LIGHT and there is DARK, two very opposing factors and a choice HAS to be made by the person who is seeking TRUTH. It is NOT possible to walk in the grey areas because LIGHT is LIGHT and it remains LIGHT, it does not have a shadow nor does it demand anything from you other than complete surrender to Christ. 

Image by Julian Hanslmaier
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