Gold Toolkit

Gifts from HEAVEN

We are gifted the tools below from HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that we can now align more fully with where we came from, Wider Creation in TRUTH.  These gifts aid us in building our connection to the Archangels and the Crystal Kingdom which sit beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth".  This allows for deep connection, messages and information to be validated from within us and allows us to navigate the outer world.   At this stage in the evolution process the outside world is at its darkest and most reflective, we can view it like a black mirror.  It is therefore challenging to navigate this space without the support and full protection of the Archangels and energies that sit within Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

AA Gabriel

Messages from the Wider Creation's messenger angel to keep us on track and to aid us in our understanding


Karen takes thru the energies that wish to speak - the Crystal Kingdom is speaking at this time


What is really happening at this time?  What does HEAVEN wish for us to do at this time? 


HEAVEN speaks to us thru our heart space and we go deep into our heart space to listen to the message.