Illuminated Stairs

Is it time to move to the next level? 

Do you feel that you are going round in circles?  are new experiences and new opportunities coming to you or are just remaining out of reach? We can reach what is termed a "spiritual plateau" where no matter what we are doing we never seem to get past where we are.


It is now time to move upwards and into full evolution.  These online sessions are designed to remove all that is blocking you at this time in order you can now STEP UP and into your full Creation in TRUTH Purpose using the GOLD FLAME OF PURIFICATION©.

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What is a spiritual "MOT"?

We are in this our human physical form and in which is termed our "human vehicle".  We are incarnated into the physical plane thru this platform.  In order for us to work at optimum levels we require to align our human physical vehicle with our spirit in TRUTH.  This is done thru various processes which are slightly different depending upon why we came here to take our human physical form. 

There are various tools that we use in order to release the human physical vehicle from the frequencies that keep the vehicle aligned with FAMILY LINEAGE.  At this point in our evolution process it is not possible to continue to have a physical human vehicle with frequencies aligned to said lineage and align fully with our Spiritual Purpose. We will find that we reach a point where things are just at our fingertips but seem to reset themselves over and over again. We did not come here to repeat FAMILY LINEAGE patterns, we came to BREAK THRU them. 

Using her knowledge and experience gained thru her journey so far, Karen is able to identify and address the frequencies that are causing the disruption.   Working to give you both insight and understanding of how you can now move thru the patterning and break thru beyond the pattering a session with Karen will leave you illuminated and aware of that which is holding you back. 

These sessions are very informal and are at done thru either WhatsApp or thru TEAMS, whatever platform is easier for you to work thru. These sessions are safe spaces and spaces in which much information is shared that is non verbal as all is energy and frequency, the connection begins when the physical connection is made but is at all levels of Creation in TRUTH. 

You should set aside approximately 90 minutes for the session and you do not require to know exactly what is holding you back as this is identified thru the session.  Please note that the cost of the session is for the time connecting with Karen.




  • Increased communication with angel guides 

  • Increased ability to decipher symbols and signs 

  • Removal of locked aspects of the human physical vehicle 

  • Increase in clarity in respect of WE ARE

  • Removal of restrictions at all frequency levels on all planes of existence 

  • Deepened and expanded connection to WE ARE and Wider Creation in TRUTH.