Illuminated Stairs

Is it time to move to the next level? 

Do you feel that you are going round in circles?  are new experiences and new opportunities coming to you or are just remaining out of reach? We can reach what is termed a "spiritual plateau" where no matter what we are doing we never seem to get past where we are.


It is now time to move upwards and into full evolution.  These online sessions are designed to remove all that is blocking you at this time in order you can now STEP UP and into your full Creation in TRUTH Purpose using the GOLD FLAME OF PURIFICATION©.

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  • Increased communication with angel guides 

  • Increased ability to decipher symbols and signs 

  • Removal of locked aspects of the human physical vehicle 

  • Increase in clarity in respect of WE ARE

  • Removal of restrictions at all frequency levels on all planes of existence 

  • Deepened and expanded connection to WE ARE and Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Gold Flame Clearing thru Karen

(First session price) 


Gold Flame Clearing thru Karen

(subsequent session price)