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When we first begin to buy crystals (or are gifted them) we may just place them around our house, perhaps next to the bed, or perhaps in the kitchen or on the window sill. 

You may however have now reached the point where you have quite a few crystals and feel the urge to move them into a more obvious "pattern".  Crystals are not separate from each other, they work with each other to create supportive frequencies that are the sum of the crystals together.  So if you have a rose quartz and an amethyst the combined energy of both crystals creates a frequency that syncs both of them. Basically one plus one equals three! 

As you begin to work more deeply with the Crystal Kingdom the crystals will begin to "speak" to you thru your heart space and as you gain in confidence in relation to your connection with them you will find yourself creating what is often termed "grids" or "mandalas". 

There are a myriad of books out there that seek to "teach" how to create these but in TRUTH if you are creating thru the heart space you will naturally begin to work to create the grid which will change as the journey unfolds. You cannot get it wrong because we are simply remember more and more as we interact with the crystals. 

Assorted Crystals
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