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Image by Clay Banks

Guided Journeys

The human life experience is not set in stone albeit the outer waking reality continually gives this illusion to us.  Internally we have a navigation system that is found deep within the heart space.  The Dark will attempt to prevent us accessing the deep heart space by trying to persuade us to keep our hearts closed.  The heart itself has a separate frequency that is separate to the rest of our energy signature. Our heart is connected to beyond this dimensional space.  It is where our deepest "knowing" resides, too often we try to navigate this "world" by using our human logical mind which operates only in polarity. 

The guided journeys that Karen has created are designed to aid you in accessing your inner knowing.  In this deeply sacred space you will find the answers to the questions that your human logical mind just goes around in circles with. 

These are voice only guided journeys, Karen's voice bringing you into the deep heart space in order that you can then work symbolically to release the blocks that manifest in the outer waking reality.  It is not possible to brush your hair in the mirror only, so in order to achieve lasting, permanent change we must go inwards, this is then reflected back to us in our outer waking life experience. 

These Guided Journeys are available thru a monthly subscription service giving you access (as long as the subscription is active) to many different guided journeys. 

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