Harmonization of SPIRIT in TRUTH

Welcome beloved ones we come to address that which will now become a necessity, that which is the balance and harmonization of YOUr SPIRIT with the human physical form that YOU have incarnated into. It is vital to walk in balance and harmony and YOU have been conditioned very heavily to be out of balance and out of harmony, indeed the entire construct that YOU have been physically birthed into is a misbalance because it is not part of wider Creation in TRUTH. 

To this end we wish to share with YOU the next part of this harmonization process and draw YOUr attention to spiritual toxicity. It is VITAL that YOU cut off all, any and every source of spiritual toxin from the spiritual realm in order that the physical plane in which YOUr human physical vehicle resides can begin to expand and to harmonize with the SPIRIT that YOU are in TRUTH. This is especially important as many of YOU will now be letting go of the chains and the bonds that have kept YOU enslaved through family and extended family relationships.  This is the EXODUS in TRUTH that has been prophesied but which has been falsely contextualized leading to a false picture and reaping of the associated fear response that arises within many at this time. 

In order to achieve SPIRITUAL CLEANSING the following meditation can be accessed by finding somewhere YOU will not be disturbed and laying down quietly.  Firstly take the attention to the breath and allow the breath to become deep and slow and then move into the heart space fully.  An Angelic will step towards YOU and invite you to open a door, take careful note of anything that is written on the door before going through it accompanied by the Angelic.  YOU will be taken into a white room that has various family members within it.  Always take the hand of the Angelic that has appeared to YOU above the hand offered by ANYTHING else within this spiritual place. 

Now take a moment to open to the LOVE that IS and ask the Angelic to present to YOU the first toxin, the toxin will appear in the form of a very human symbol, it willl be carried by the toxic VESSEL that is being used to deliver the toxin to YOU in this YOUr human physical form.  Allow the Angelic to give the human manifestation of said toxin and take a moment to fully accept that which is taking place. It may be a shock to the system but TRUTH JUST IS and the toxicity must now be healed fully. 

The Angelic will prevent the human vessel for the toxin from speaking to YOU and any, all and every attempt at communication will be prevented. There is sweetness in words and this will simply slow the process down.  Give permission for the Angelic to take the toxin from the human vessel and return the toxin to SOURCE in order that it is destroyed in TRUTH.  The human vessel will then turn into an everyday household object which again may come as a shock but must be accepted fully.  The household object is the METHOD OF REAPING that has been employed in order to feed from YOU spiritually. Once again give permission to the Angelic to CUT OFF the reaping at the root and to return all, any and every false authority back to YOU.  (This is how you negate the false acceptance of feeding that has allowed this toxin to be placed within you). 

Continue this process until there are no more family members within this white room. Please note that there may be an INVISIBLE family member which the Angelic will identify by refusing to let YOU move back out of the white room and back through the door that YOU entered.  When this is encountered YOU must give permission for the Angelic to make visible the person who is trying to remain invisible. Repeat the process as above for the family members that YOU could see and then allow the Angelic to gift YOU with a spiritual tool that will be placed within your SPIRIT in order that full cleansing is achieved at all levels of creation in TRUTH.