"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE"

High Council of Orion


Karen Doonan

Karen Doonan is a channel for the High Council of Orion and is now expanding this work thru the BACE Camp and BRIDGE information brought thru for humanity at this time. 

Her first book "TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from Orion" was first published in 2012 and is now updated and available in all AMAZON marketplaces.

Since the channeling of this book, Karen has been on an extended and at times challenging journey back to TRUTH. 

Now she is guided to bring thru information again from the High Council of Orion this time in conjunction with the Skull Collective who are addressing the inter, intra and multi dimensional bondage preventing humanity from moving from the Old Earth Matrix to Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

TRUTH Codes is phase two of a process that is now gaining in momentum and which will bring humanity into its evolution process, out of the darkness and into the LIGHT of ALL.