Karen is trained in various modalities including vibrational medicine (including color), Crystal Therapy, Crystal Skull Medicine and Reiki.  In the more traditional field she is a trained trauma counselor having spent many years training key responders in the mental health field. 


She first began her work in the more traditional physical setting that a practitioner in the field of healing often does. She has held many different and varied workshop sessions in various parts of the UK working in harmony with various other practitioners.  

It is her years of physical experience of her energy and vibration work combined with the skills that she honed in the trauma setting that has shown Karen that a multi level approach to healing is required. 

ALL is energy and frequency and a combination of all or many of the different modalities that she is trained in has seen her help clients across the world. There is nothing that Karen has not addressed thru her healing work. This is offered now in support of those who are here to move beyond Phase ONE and fully into the beyond. 

When we take the root out then nothing can manifest further. It is in identifying the root patterning, the root behavior and root bondage that has seen Karen work to release her clients from that which has seen them live a life other than TRUTH.