Human Rebellion In TRUTH

Releasing Eden

It is very easy to assume that we know what rebellion is in TRUTH and yet remain fully blind to that which we are doing. We live in an ever increasingly hostile illusion with many within humanity actively turning on those around them. Whether this be under the banner of "stress", "frustration" or even the more obvious "anger", we are blinded by the very emotions that Lucifer cultivates within humanity. 

Emotionally charged headlines have our emotional landscapes in total turmoil in the blink of an eye, social media drives this further by placing emotionally triggering headlines without a context, allowing the person reading the headline to fall into the depths of their own emotional landscapes whilst remaining blind to the conditioning that they are being exposed to. This of course drives the chaos in the outer waking reality and brings to life that which Lucifer needs to fuel the old earth reality, namely fear.  Fear is not a natural state of being for humanity albeit it is a cultivated one. 

As a race we have been conditioned to believe that we should not endure hardship or die young or experience ill health, when this is experienced it fuels within us the emotional response of denial. We fall to the illusion that somehow we are being singled out and that our Creator YHWY is somehow punishing us. It is important to note that we are born into Lucifer's world which is created and designed to produce that which is against the will of our Creator YHWY and that just because we experience pain, trauma, separation and death does not mean that it is TRUTH.  A world created to produce an experience is just that a world created in order to produce.  This is hidden to humanity through the many religious constructs that seek to place the illusion of "perfection" in front of its followers, providing them with a backdrop that is not real in order that they then rebel when said "perfection" is not achieved. It is this rebellion that is then fostered and cultivated by Lucifer and that many walk within at this time blind to the actual rebellion itself. 

Our Creator YHWY is a loving Father, who wishes nothing else than us to come home to Him. For us to give up the struggle that we have been conditioned to accept and that we have come to believe is how the human life experience is to be lived. It is Lucifer who cultivates the separation, turning human on human in order to harvest from the emotional trauma produced from this way of living.