Human Stasis

Alien Stasis chamber.jpg

In this our human physical form we have been subject to continual and constant conditioning to accept that which is not TRUTH.  Various emotional manipulation is used in order that humanity submit to that which is placed before them.  This has manifest a society which has never moved from that which is was created for and it was created for harvesting. 

Many have tried to alter this by adapting their behavior in relation to the conditioning but this has simply resulted in more fragmentation of humanity and more frustration within those who have attempted to "rebel" against the "system". 

It is not possible to change something that is designed to reset itself.  The construct itself resets itself every two generations of human beings and this is done in a very hidden but deliberate way. We have now come to the end of the reset period because we were promised that there would be an end.  The construct of religion has done a fantastic job of hijacking prophecy and attempting to harness it as its own.  The Word of YHWY does not belong to religion any more than it belongs to humanity. IT IS TRUTH and it has been sliced, diced and re arranged by the construct itself in an attempt to HIDE the EXIT ROUTE FOR HUMANITY. 

Now we approach the completion of Revelation 21:1 (KJV) which states: 

 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

We have been conditioned to allow our human stasis to remain. The human logical mind is fooled by the human eyes which see something that appears "different" and references it against the word "change".  The human physical forms of humanity may alter but the basic actions remain the same. We may now drive automobiles and arrive at our destination faster but we have never evolved, the primal instinct of humanity has remained. Like children fighting and demanding we have simply surrendered to the outer waking reality and denied our own growth. 

Now we are placed in a phase of evolution that many within humanity will rebel from, seeking to remain within the child like existence that ALLOWS and ENCOURAGES them to use the primal behaviors and retaliations that they are conditioned to remain within.  We are now asked to let go of all, any and every part of that way of life and surrender to TRUTH.  It is a harsh reality sometimes to accept TRUTH, to accept that the picture presented to us is other than it appeared and take responsibility not only for our past actions but the CHANGE in our actions once we have been presented with TRUTH. 

The stasis that we have been kept within is policed by those closest to us. It is held fast by those closest to us and when we allow it they will enforce said stasis.  We are each here in this our human physical form to live in TRUTH, said living is out with the enforcement of those closest to us. Many will remain tightly knit into said stasis believing that to walk beyond it is to lose when in TRUTH the losing is already happening.  A plant cannot survive choked with weeds and denied sunlight but that is what is hidden to us as we bend ourselves inside out attempting to conform to some hidden way that allows us to breathe. 

The stasis is now broken for those who came here to walk in freedom.  It will break in ways that we simply cannot comprehend from our current vantage point. It is broken through our surrender to TRUTH itself, it is not broken through further rebellion because that is simply human logic and reasoning. We will be asked to make choices and where those choices would lead us away from TRUTH we will find ourselves opposed. At many times we will find ourselves almost to breaking point as we are pushed out of stasis and into LIFE in TRUTH.  EXPERIENCE is that which validates TRUTH, we cannot be told and then somehow be brave enough to let it happen.  The caterpillar becomes the butterfly not because it receives intense counseling preparing it for the change but because IT ALLOWS AND SURRENDERS to the change. It is the experience of being a butterfly that validates it was a caterpillar. 

In order to harness the energy and the frequency and higher bandwidths that become available at this phase of the evolution process we require to take our hands off the wheel, to stop trying to drive our wants and our needs because they are simply manifestations of the conditioning that we have all been subject to.  We must now allow understanding to show us the path, to realize how much change can unfold when it is TRUTH and how powerful each decision and choice IS in TRUTH. 

As we now walk out of the darkness it will become very obvious indeed those who are simply the trees that make up the forest we have been lost in forever. The trees do not suddenly take up root and walk, they are ROUTED.  We are asked now to wake up and walk out of the forest and into the LIGHT of TRUTH.