It is vital that we understand that we are not here directly in service to humanity itself. Many get confused and fall to this deep illusion.  Being in service to humanity directly will see us manipulated, re-routed and dis-empowered because it places focus on the physical human vehicle that we have incarnated into. We have had to incarnate into physical human form because this is the experience that is had upon this the physical plane within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". 

Therefore there is NO servitude in attempting to side step said human physical form, indeed Phase TWO begins as the challenge to accept that the human physical form is but part of the process that is underway. Many have attempted to find solace on the various dimensional planes of existence where the human physical form does not appear. This as many are now finding has worked against them as these planes are now emptying fully. 

The END GAME will be played out on the physical plane within the Old Earth Matrix.  This will see all that has been held behind the veils revealed to this race.  The Book of Revelation has been hijacked, ridiculed, falsely translated and has been the central focus for many a movie. However TRUTH JUST IS and as WE ARE foretold, WE ARE expected. 

The END GAME is now fully underway. The human race are now adjusting to a different human life experience that is changing and evolving at a rate that is beyond the comprehension of many.  Many within the human race will be given the GRACE to exit at this point as they cannot reach the levels of acceptance that is required by Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

We must therefore allow the unveiling and move fully into our own evolution within the human physical vehicle we have incarnated into. We incarnated into various human family lineages for a reason, all is by purpose and this will now be revealed in order that we can embed TRUTH at cellular level within this our human physical form.