Illuminating a FALSE LIGHT in TRUTH

It is one thing to allow someone close to you but when said person begins to softly ACCUSE then we will be held firmly in place in order that we can first of all accept that the human physical vehicle is compromised and secondly that we can walk no further when we allow said person access to our inner world. 

It will not be at first obvious the person who is a false LIGHT Bulb until we detach from that which they say and reach the energy beyond the words. We will have them highlighted to us repeatedly and we will feel a tight grip has been placed upon our outer waking human life experience. 

ACCUSATION is always of the Old Earth Matrix, which will ACCUSE at all and every attempt.  Where we have those around us place the following at our feet, we are being "accused". (This places a spiritual marker around us for the Old Earth Matrix to send further accusers who then place us in "judgement". This is a dense frequency that is not TRUTH and is kept in place within humanity within the construct of religion).


  • "its your fault that this has happened"

  • "if you only will do this then it will be alright"

  • "if you just listen to me and stop being so selfish"

You will feel the frequency of the accusation and it may use different words than those above, but these are a general outline of that which is used. It places emphasis on responsibility and seeks to have you accept it. 

We are not here to accept responsibility for humanity, everyone around us has a responsibility for their own actions no matter what they are.  The ACCUSER seeks to place their sacrificial token at our feet and then run. This is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level of Wider Creation in TRUTH.