Illuminating the Boat of Anger

Releasing Eden

Our internal emotional landscape is FLUID, it is akin to an ocean and we sail on this ocean as we walk in this our human physical form.  This is of course hidden to our human logical mind and our human natural eyes. We can feel the pull on our emotional landscape as we walk through a reality that is internal but externalized.  No one lives the same experience for said experience is the manifestation of that which is internal. 

In this our human physical form we are conditioned heavily and repeatedly to alter our our outer waking reality and this is readily accepted by our human logical mind. So for example we may move house or actual location and our human logical mind accepts this as "change". All that we have done is hide that which is running internally by changing the "frame" of the picture presented. 

"We take "ourselves" wherever we go" is a well known and used human phrase which hides TRUTH. It is our "self" that sabotages the picture repeatedly.  We may move somewhere and assume it is a fresh start, take for example when we first move out of our family home when we reach the age where we become independent. We may see this as the next "phase" of our human life experience but all that has changed in TRUTH is the location in which we will play out that which is internal. This may see new people move into our lives but the undercurrent (I use this word deliberately) will always play out, the theme will begin to establish itself repeatedly. No amount of external change will alter that which is anchored internally and we may experience extreme frustration as we attempt to change our human life experience only to have it reset itself repeatedly. The reset can occur years or even decades later but it will always reset because the soul is in the driving seat and has an internal reference point that it seeks to reach at all moments. 

It is vital that during the Salvation in TRUTH process that we accept that we have not been at the controls of this our human life experience prior to surrender to Christ and prior to handing over our soul in order to receive our SPIRIT from our Creator YHWY.  It is at the point of surrender of soul in order to receive SPIRIT that we are most vulnerable. This is due to the reference points created by the soul prior to our surrender. We may attempt to redirect our human life experience not realizing that it will NATURALLY RESET as we walk through the Salvation in TRUTH process. Unlike the human soul the SPIRIT we are gifted through the Grace of our Creator YHWY does not pull us out of alignment. It works to FULLY ALIGN us with TRUTH. 

This is not readily accepted by the human logical mind which will begin to pull out "prior" experience in an attempt to have us be at odds with our SPIRIT. This is called "cellular memory" and requires to be fully cleansed.  To explain this in clearer terms it is like physically driving a vehicle, if we have been used to driving the same vehicle for years then we no longer are consciously driving when we sit in the vehicle and drive somewhere. We rely on our "cellular memory" which sits at DNA level within our human vehicle. Our responses are not conscious they are unconscious, we can talk, we can interact with those in the vehicle with us, our focus is not on the driving of the vehicle as we know it already.  This same scenario applies to our human life experience, we are passengers up until the moment where we are fully cleansed. Then we become more conscious of that which we are within as we RELEARN how to walk in this our human physical form.  

Why do we have to relearn how to walk within this human physical vehicle? because the human soul has walked in places that we were never meant to walk, we have adapted to this by bypassing the internal pain that kept us chained to separation, pain and trauma. Much like adapting to walking with a stone in our shoes, we must relearn how to walk straight once more, with no stone in our shoe. The one emotional response that Lucifer relies upon and plants the seeds in order to water and then grow and subsequently reap is that of human anger.  

Human anger is sown in all areas of the human life experience in Lucifer's world. It is hidden in grief, it is hidden within Lucifer's version of romantic love (it is called jealousy which is a variation of anger), it is hidden in places that it will be denied fully and in said denial is the root of the manipulation.  How many within humanity have denied their intense anger on the death of a loved one?  Whilst we may wail, we may cry, we may grieve, we do not readily accept how angry we are at the loss and in denying this anger we lock ourselves into a cycle that many never exit. 

In order to complete the voyage across the internal emotional landscape we have to exit the boat on which we sailed on said ocean. Once we step foot on the shore then we reach the new in TRUTH. Prior to this point we are still within a hidden emotional landscape, one that is intentionally and repeatedly triggered by the reality in which we exist.  Social media and societal conditioning hides this to many within humanity. It is simply not possible for someone to be "made angry" without the seed of anger being present and WATERED. To deny anger is to deepen its roots inside of us. We require the help of Christ to take this root out because it is so strong and has been cultivated since the beginning of humanity by Lucifer.  

For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God

James 1:20 (KJV)