Illuminating the Boat of Anger part 2

It is vital that we understand that we do not navigate the Boat of Anger, at any moment any of the crew can take the wheel and the crew are those we trap in our emotional landscape through non forgiveness at a spiritual level. It is not enough to simply say "you are forgiven" at this human physical waking level for we are not tied at the human physical waking level, we do not need to be, all is tied in inter and extra dimensional levels and plays out on this human physical level.  This is the illusion that is presented by Lucifer to humanity, that somehow we can walk and release that which is holding us by focusing only on the human physical aspect of the human life experience. TRUTH is much much beyond even science fiction albeit the clues are there. 

If we could have any real understanding of that which ties and binds us we would be horrified. That which seeks to have us call it in in order to share our dreams and our thoughts will take a form that is acceptable to our human logical mind.  So called "spiritual" magazines are full of descriptions and lovely pictures of "other realms" that are somehow at our beck and call. That is the picture presented, what is not revealed is that which is manifest alongside the lovely pictures. That which is not revealed is the spiritual deprivation that is being interacted with and which further binds under the illusion of power and authority. 

We do no servitude to ANYONE in this our human physical form in keeping hold of anger, regret, shame and separation. If we are experiencing any of this at a human physical everyday waking level then we are tied at a spiritual level and WE DO NOT HAVE CREATION RIGHTS at any level of our existence. Angels also do not have creation rights, those who seek to come and sit by your side and tell you that they have are in rebellion to our Creator YHWY and as such are fallen. A fallen angel is not the most dangerous entity that you will encounter, there are far far worse than fallen walking among the human race but such is the web woven that many embrace death and decay believing it is roses and chocolate. 

We are but a short time in this our human physical form, we are SPIRIT ETERNAL when we have accepted the gifting of our spirit from our Creator YHWY. When we walk with a human soul said human soul belongs to us only for the human physical life it has been granted for. When we pass from this human form and return to the dust of the earth the human soul lines up once more for another human physical vehicle into which is it birthed.  The human soul is not therefore part of "us" our make up, it is the venom that is present from the snake at all moments and serves only Lucifer himself.  Thus we are all born into sin because we are born with a human soul. This TRUTH is denied by the vast majority of humanity due to the intense and ever present conditioning that seeks to keep this TRUTH hidden.  We "reap what we sow" but the gardener is not our Creator YHWY when we have a human soul, the gardener is he who created Adam and Eve from the dust. It is why he remains hidden to the vast majority of humanity who simply deny his existence. It is in HIS interest to keep humanity at this false doorway for as they deny, he reaps, as they defend their right to belief, he reaps. 

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Revelation 3:15 - 16 (KJV)

It is also why Lucifer created and maintains mainstream religion.  The Word of YHWY is TRUTH, how it has been edited, used, copied, tainted and blasphemed is not TRUTH.  Many within humanity get stuck at the "belief" and Lucifer designed it to be this way. Whilst you "believe" that the bible is not real then the "belief" will prevent you from validating it either way. Whilst you "believe" that religion is corrupt it stops you from understanding why it is corrupt and will stop you from even approaching the Word of YHWY, its why Lucifer seeks to hide TRUTH within the belief systems that are used by humanity.  To wrap a lie around TRUTH is to hide it in plain view. 

Religion is not the path to TRUTH because it is the lie that is wrapped around the Word of YHWY. The very literal interpretation without the aid of the gift of the Holy Spirit turns it into a lie because TRUTH is hidden in plain view. It is the reference points that are used by humanity that lead off the narrow path. Christ was not a "christian" this word was invented after the death of Christ to label a set of followers who are held up to be other than they are. Christ was not a Jew, it was the Jews who put Christ on the Cross, they defied our Creator YHWY by denying His Son because He challenged their interpretation of the texts that they used to maintain their power. 

Christ is independent of ALL belief systems used by humanity because TRUTH JUST IS. It relies and requires NO belief whatsoever. In order to understand this we require to surrender fully to Christ in order that the belief systems that blind us are removed and we can once more see clearly: 

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.

Psalms 119:18 (KJV)