Illuminating the Hidden Wounds in TRUTH

releasing eden

Our Creator YHWY will gift us the lifting of the veils in order that we can see that which we are being kept blind to.  Our challenge is to allow the context of the gift to be seen in TRUTH.  As we move further into the cleansing and clearing process which is overseen fully by our SPIRIT in TRUTH we will be triggered in order to reveal that which is the actual wound that the emotional debris is attempting to conceal. 

This part of the process is deeply painful but much like setting a broken bone involves moments of intense pain the pain is not there to be harvested, it is the catalyst that sees the healing begin in TRUTH. 

Such is the blindness that we have existed within we will be given no advance warning of that which our Spirit in TRUTH requires us to address, we may find ourselves overwhelmed and not be able to make sense of that which is happening as the wound is revealed. We may find ourselves feeling the same emotional distress as when the wound was created and this is the reveal point, for in TRUTH we have never released said feelings, we have simply papered over the wound and attempted to live our human life experience not disturbing said wound.  We unconsciously can feel when the wound is being approached and the wound is covered by a frequency that manifests behavior that seeks to keep the wound from being healed. So feelings of worthlessness, intense anger, irritability and the need to "run" may suddenly rise to the surface of our being. All are indicators that something deep has been touched and in the touching is the revelation that we require. 

Our Creator YHWY is a loving presence and will hold us tightly as we approach and then have the wound revealed to us, we need only give permission for the healing to commence through our connection to Christ the Son of our Creator YHWY and then we require to remain in full surrender to said healing process. The understanding of that which we have lived to that moment may suddenly wash over us as we are able to reach the context of TRUTH and in doing so can appreciate that our actions prevented the healing and that said actions must also be surrendered fully.  It is vital to find peace and to rest when we are undergoing this process and our SPIRIT in TRUTH will make sure that the reveal is at a time where this can be achieved.  It may appear that nothing much is happening which may of course ignite the dissipating emotional residue but this is not TRUTH, it is a healing that changes everything and the removal of the wound allows for movement where it would not have been possible.  It allows fresh air and fresh opportunity to move into the spaces that have been kept closed down and un-aired.

It also allows for deep forgiveness to radiate out across the human life experience but we must remember that accepting forgiveness is personal.  We are already forgiven under the Blood of Christ so require no actual vocal forgiveness from those around us, we do however require to forgive them. They were also blinded and will remain blind until they choose to awaken to that which they are experiencing. We cannot do this part for them and this is part of the understanding that we are then able to reach upon the experience that is gifted to us.