For many within humanity the human everyday life experience is one that makes little sense.  We appear to be born into a world where we are on the go almost 24/7, where little thought is given to the actual purpose of being alive and where the struggle to keep going is an ever increasing burden. 

The human life experience was never to be this way, what humanity are experiencing is layer upon layer of trapped frequency which manifests as division, separation, pain and trauma. 

It may seem like there is little solution, no way out or even that we have no choice but to go with the masses and keep on the never ending treadmill.  But this is a deep illusion for humanity are on the verge of their ascension into evolution in TRUTH. 

The human race have been incarnated INTO by ALL.  ALL exists in Wider Creation in TRUTH which is denied to humanity at this time due to the frequency bandwidths that the human race interact with.  Wider Creation in TRUTH is built on TRUTH itself, something that the Old Earth Matrix (the dimensional space that humanity are born into initially) denies.  

There are 144,000 Spirits who have incarnated into humanity in order to work with the frequency bandwidths and dissolve and destroy the densest ones holding humanity to a false reality.  These 144,000 are talked about in prophecy but like all that exists within the Old Earth Matrix prophecy has been rewritten, over-written and hidden to present a picture that is simply not TRUTH and a picture that many within humanity fear. 

The High Council of Orion are the "body" that oversee the evolution of species that have been denied their right to evolve and in doing so have been prevented from accessing beyond their own controlled reality.