Kingdom of JUDAH

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof

Revelation 5:5 (KJV)

That which remains hidden to most of humanity is that which plays out every day.  The Word of YHWY is alive and living, that which hides it is the context and the dressing of the illusion.  We may appear to live in the 21st Century and drive cars and have technology but this is the dressing that is used to provide the illusion and hide that which plays out spiritually at all moments of all moments. 

The Old Testament is portrayed as "past" and is given the dressing of clothing and transport and society.  This hides that it plays out on the world stage at this time as it always has. We must look to the spiritual plane to understand how to move beyond and step out of the spiritual traps that Lucifer has laid at the feet of humanity. 

It is vital to step out of the construct of religion in order to understand and digest the Word of YHWY, just because the construct of religion has sought to keep tight hold of the Word of YHWY and in doing so has corrupted and altered it does not mean that the construct of religion owns the Word of YHWY.  Our Creator YHWY sent His Son, Christ to speak out about the construct of religion, something that is walked around within said construct.  Christ spoke out and challenged the religious leaders and still does but this is hidden behind the rote and ritual that is presented to those who use the Word of YHWY as a lure to those who are seeking to find our Creator YHWY. 

Christ is not found in a building, our Creator YHWY is not found in a building and yet humanity construct buildings in an attempt to provide the backdrop necessary to present them as being present within said building. 

The Kingdom of JUDAH is one such example and one that Karen has experienced personally.  It was whilst in the North Eastern USA that Karen stumbled upon a Twelve Tribes Community.  That which was presented to her at an everyday waking level was a group of people who sought to follow the Word of YHWY and who sought to follow the teachings of Christ. However the actual name Christ is shunned by the Twelve Tribes Community.  The Cross is shunned by the Twelve Tribes Community and they have altered the wording of the teachings that they seek to condition their followers to adhere to. 

In the Old Testament the Twelve Tribes were separate tribes who each had their own rules and structure. The tribes fought with one another, they traded with one another and they married within and across each other.  On the surface the Twelve Tribes Community would state that they are merely trying to adhere to the Book of Acts and follow whom they call "Yeshua".  They place this false Savior in the role of an idol, something expressly forbidden by our Creator YHWY who tells us not to idolize.  They teach their followers to become "Yeshua" and they follow intense rote and ritual in respect of various religious ceremonies that are blasphemous. 

Followers are stripped of their own autonomy and are berated in various ways by the entire community who strive to follow and to adhere to that which the "leaders" demand is followed.  The Twelve Tribes Community hide a very blasphemous structure which sees the founding families offspring marry each other. Marriage is used as a weapon with the internal power structure preserved each generation thru marriage.  Just as with the Old Testament and the original tribes this has taken hold and is against our Creator YHWY.  Far from shunning the outer waking world those who are the heart of this interact with the wider world in ways that contradict the very teachings they hold followers to. 

What remains hidden of course to all within the Twelve Tribes community in general and certainly to their followers is the spiritual dessert that they travel thru.  Followers are held in spiritual captivity, never being able to wash their spirit clean due to the false teachings and pathways that the Twelve Tribes demand.  Spiritual slavery is played out daily and the spiritual distress that is caused is a serious issue to those who are caught within this illusion.  From child abuse to emotional abuse of each follower, the Twelve Tribes Leaders have a response for it.  

What they do not seem to want to understand is that our Creator YHWY sees all and that He is not fooled by them. As in the Old Testament when the Twelve Tribes were scattered and denied by our Creator YHWY this will unfold once again. 

We are not here to blindly follow a man made pathway, one which corrupts all who find and walk it, we are here to walk out of ALL spiritual slavery and into freedom in TRUTH.