As we move beyond the vesica pisces and begin our movement into the new world we will be invited to remember Lemuria.  For many it will be overwhelming for this ancient civilization has been protected by the Dragons and the Skulls since it was hidden from humanity.  This was to preserve TRUTH and to stop those who destroyed Atlantis from destroying further. 

Indeed the way out is thru Lemuria walking hand in hand with Heaven in TRUTH. 


Karen x 

My Story

When I began my journey I was drawn to study with Kathleen Murray in the North East Coast of Scotland, indeed the universe conspired to have me study with her.  Upon arranging to study I realized that I could not make the first study weekend so it was arranged that I go a different weekend, again the universe making sure that Kathleen and I remember who we were.  

I will never forget walking into her healing room and seeing and feeling all of the crystal skulls and more that were there. I felt I had come "home" but it has taken many years to unwind why I felt such a strong connection and who Kathleen and I were to one another.  I spent two years training with Kathleen and we did some wonderful work together. The skulls of course are still connected, the connection is eternal.  I left the part of Scotland I lived in at that time and travelled extensively.  On returning to Scotland I found that Kathleen had passed.  She lives on in the heart space and the connection is still here, she can be felt via the heart and in connection with both the Dragons and the Skulls. 

Whilst I trained with Kathleen I also worked with Phil Andrews. Many of you may have met Phil as he built the temple that Kathleen had constructed in the garden of her home.  On returning to my home city I met Phil's wife who I had not connected with for many years, this time it was Phil who had passed, passing just 3 days prior to my coming back to my home city.  Both of them are on the other side assisting from Wider Creation in TRUTH, the connection we all have is thru the heart space and thru the Dragons and the Skulls both of which were worked with extensively. Phil and I did a lot of work with both over the years I trained and for many years after until I left to go travel. 

It is important to understand that those we meet and work with have been part of our journey in other lifetimes. I recognized Kathleen as soon as I met her. It was in her healing room that the High Council of ORION stepped forward to me.  The work continues and the journey now continues albeit some of us are on the other side of the veil.  

For many who come to me, to come to my work the memories stir. We have worked together before because WE ARE, there are many of you who are perhaps stirring at this time and I would encourage you to go deeper, the HEART REMEMBERS even when the human logical mind demands that geography insists that we cannot know one other.  LOVE in TRUTH is eternal it knows no boundaries and no barriers. 


Karen x 

Meditation to ENTER Lemuria

In this meditation Karen brings you to the gates of Lemuria in order that you can fully align with the energies and begin the next phase of this evolution process.  

The Meditation is sent via email in MP3 format. Please allow 3 - 5 days delivery