Letting Go in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

We are conditioned to hold on within Lucifer's world, whether this be to physical possessions, people, events or even memories, the conditioning is exceptionally strong and our human logical mind will deny and attempt to have us remaining attached to that which we are asked to let go of.  The letting go of something requires us to hand it over in prayer to Christ, to resist all and any attempt by our human logical mind to have us try to control our reactions, our behavior and our attitude to that which we are required to let go of. It is only in the letting go that healing can begin but such is the depth of conditioning in respect of the actual phrase "let go" we interpret the action as meaning that we will lose whatever we let go of. The word "lose" of course gives the impression that we have somehow "failed", this sits unconsciously within our human logical mind and will keep us from taking that first step to freedom

1 Peter 5:7 (KJV)


Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

We are not asked to let go of everything all at once, often we will have one situation highlighted to us through Christ and it may often make little sense to us but what is highlighted is the moment that changed our direction. For in order to manipulate humanity Lucifer had to first of all blind us. He does this through the lens of pain and trauma that we become so used to it makes is challenging to see any picture other than the one that we hold in place through our refusal to forgive. All decisions that we have ever made, unconsciously, sub consciously and consciously have brought us to this moment now when you are even reading these words.  There were key decisions that radically altered the course of our human life experience but remain hidden to us through said pain, Christ illuminates these moments in order that He can bring us through the healing of forgiveness.  This allows new path ways to form and doors to open that we simply cannot see nor acknowledge.  It is our walk in faith that ensures that we walk through them, always we require to be in full surrender because the doors are hidden to us in this our human form and Lucifer will encourage us to ignore that which is right in front of us because he knows that once we walk through these doors because they are of our Creator YHWY that he (Lucifer) cannot alter our walk through and beyond the doorway.