As we approach BACE Camp in TRUTH we are not only presented with those who would seek to have us stop in our tracks we are also presented with FALSE LIGHT and said false light is that which the human race have been taught is the way to navigate within this dimensional space referenced as "earth".  Just as we do not require many of the tools that we have used within phase ONE of the full ascension to evolution process we must surrender the false light bulbs for their entire purpose is to give away our position. 

As BACE Camp is a dimensionally protected space only the 144,000 have access to it.  It serves no one for this space to become highly patrolled and attacked by the Old Earth Matrix hence ORION and Wider Creation in TRUTH has placed a firm protocol that is enforced. 

We will find that if we begin to head towards BACE Camp and we are using a false LIGHT Bulb to aid in our navigation we will be quarantined until we have surrendered said false LIGHT Bulb. We are guided by the LIGHT that exists deep within our heart space, which resonates at a frequency that is above the Old Earth Matrix and as such keeps us off the radar of said Old Earth Matrix. 

We will find those around us attempting to place HIGH WATTAGE Light Bulbs around us in an attempt to have us become the sacrifice in place of themselves for the Old Earth Matrix is gearing up for the harvest and many are now in fear of that which they have walked within and to which they have chosen to adhere to.