Masonic Ancestry Removal in TRUTH

It is vital that when we are clearing our ancestry that we do not attempt to dismiss, deny nor reject that which is revealed to us as we begin the journey OUT of the old earth construct/matrix.  We have incarnated into the densest family lineage because it requires to be cleared. That which presents itself as "family" and "blood line" within the old earth construct/matrix is not what it looks like upon first viewing. Many will find it extremely challenging to move past "friends and family" because we are conditioned heavily to allow them to walk past boundaries that we would simply not stand for if they were not somehow related to us through flesh and blood. 

This is a dense optical illusion for TRUTH JUST IS and we belong to a family that has no flesh and blood except for the human physical vehicle that spirit has chosen to incarnate into.  This will see us drawn to our family in TRUTH but held in chains often by our flesh and blood family. 

Matthew 26:41 (KJV)

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The above verse is often interpreted in a very distorted way. It is vital that we understand that we are not leaving anything that is TRUTH.  We are not leaving loving bonds we are leaving all that is not TRUTH and non TRUTH WILL present itself through the very "familiar" vehicles around us.  Those who have overstepped the boundaries and whom we have permitted to do so are the tools of that which is unseen by the naked human eye.  We will find a sort of web being woven around us, but in TRUTH this web has always been there, we have just been kept blind to it. 

Those who are of lineage that can be traced back to Scottish and/ or Celtic roots have an added challenge for the Masonic Ancestral Matrix is one that remains hidden and will seek to keep itself hidden. It will begin to show itself when it feels that we are walking where it may be exposed. This is when family members will seem to ignite and to become VERY ACTIVE indeed. All is a smoke screen designed to have us focus on the family member and their actions and to keep the Masonic Ancestral Matrix intact.

Part of the challenge in removing the emotional debris is the fear that arises within us that somehow we are out of step and that we are somehow abandoning something that is our "heritage". Indeed those with a Scottish and/or Celtic ancestry will find it very challenging to even see the matrix itself. It is steeped into our everyday waking life experience. Often our Creator YHWY will seek to relocate us to a place where we are outside of the influence of it externally in order to trigger it and then return us to within it.  Then and only then can we begin to feel the satanic frequency of that which is accepted fully within Scottish/Celtic culture and that which is defended by those born into said culture. 

Those who have played a very central role at a physical waking everyday level will be those we feel the most frequency from because they are blind to that which they have worked within. Fallen angels shared information knowing that it would be used to manipulate humanity fully. Those who work in the Mason Matrix are not working for humanity, they are working as vessels for darkness, it matter not what they believe themselves, often they are kept spiritually blind to the rote, ritual and sacred tools they are taught to use and this makes them a double edged sword for darkness. They have no idea how blinded they are and how this affects their spirit in different realms, if they did they would never have agreed to that which they place their allegiance and life to, no one would.  However the serpent appears as an angel and all bow to him until they can understand and see that the angel is the serpent. 

We must be careful that we do not fall into judgment because that binds us to that which we are attempting to step out of. It is in darkness interest to have us move into judgment because darkness knows that a human sitting in judgment cannot be removed as a tool of darkness, it is our ability and will to judge that holds us to that which is not TRUTH. 


Matthew 7:1 KJV


Judge not, that ye be not judged.