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Buddha Statue

Meditations &
Channelled Messages

Meditation aids us in calming the "mind chatter" that is the curse of today's world. How can we understand our journey if we do not take "time out" to reconnect to where we came from? The answer is of course we cannot,and we end up falling into a stressful and anxiety ridden existence.  We can view meditation as a crucial part of our health and when we take time to go within, we power up.  The veils are lifted, and solutions come more easily to us.

The meditations are created bi monthly (all previous meditations are still available) and work to reconnect us back into a state of equilibrium.  Some of the meditations are journeys to reconnect various parts of ourselves that we have permitted to become dull, we will therefore meet with angels, crystals and other Beings within these meditations. 

Channelled messages are simply notes from Wider Creation in TRUTH reminding us who WE ARE and why we came here. 

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