Morphic Fields Part 1 

Releasing Eden

We in this our human physical form exist in a reality that is made up of frequency and bandwidth.  This is not readily seen by the naked human eyes nor fully understood by the human logical mind. What we do "see" is that which manifests from said frequency.  So we will open our eyes and see a room full of objects, we will walk down the street and our focus is primarily on the human physical vehicles that are sharing the space with us.  This is a deep and very dense optical illusion that is further backed up by the very intense human conditioning in relation to that which is "real" and that which is "non real".  It is possible for a non real entity for example to become reality and it is possible for reality to be dissolved and become non real. 


There are a myriad of false teachings within humanity that seek to teach the seeker that simply altering our frequency changes our reality and this is not TRUTH. The statement itself may appear to make logical sense but that which prevents this from being TRUTH is that we are bound at a spiritual level deep within the human soul construct to a frequency bandwidth that continually resets itself. It does not matter how much we believe we have somehow mastered the false teaching, ALWAYS the human soul will reset itself when it reaches a certain frequency level and this applies to all who have taken human physical form.  What has permitted this false teaching to take hold within humanity is that it can alter on the surface, if used with a lot of attention and care it can alter a partial amount of the human life experience but it is akin to spiritually painting a wall, the color changes, the wall is still a wall. 

Morphic resonance is that the level of frequency bandwidth that chains and/or binds us to the very human consciousness that many are attempting to alter. Once again it is akin to spiritually painting the wall, it will change color but it will remain a static wall.  In order to push past this and to move beyond this our human physical life experience trapped within the strongholds, dominions, crosses, curses, spells and/or hexes we are all spiritually bound by we must go beyond the exit point of the morphic bandwidth.  This is done using the crystalline tools that are provided by our Creator YHWY.  This is necessary in order to elevate our frequency, much like boosting the antenna to pick up a radio station, this allows us to resonate with our location point, which in TRUTH is our CREATION PURPOSE. We are each incarnate into a human physical form in order to complete a purpose. This purpose sits with our Creator YHWY and is only ever revealed through our anchoring of our SPIRIT into our human vehicle. This sees massive change manifest in the outer waking reality, in order to birth into a new way of living and existing in this our human physical form we require to be fully aligned on all levels of Creation in TRUTH.  Unfortunately Lucifer already knows this so he created the Morphic Field bandwidth that works akin to a frequency jammer.  It tries to interupt the frequency that is coming directly from our Spirit to our Creator YHWY. 

In order to reach understanding of our Creation Purpose in TRUTH we require to move beyond the frequency jammer so that we can be clearly held in TRUTH and that we can reach the understanding that is partially scrambled by remaining within the resonance of the Morphic Fields.