Morphic Fields part 2

releasing eden

ALL is frequency and bandwidth. We exist within an assumed and accepted reality that is other than it appears to our human logical mind and our naked human eyes. We are repeatedly conditioned to place focus on the logical and that which our human logical mind readily accepts. 

We walk in this human physical form unable to physically see the various frequencies with our human naked eyes. This leaves us blind to that which is within us as we continually attempt to alter that which is around us. In the picture to the left we are in the center of the Torus field. Those who resonate within the same bandwidth of frequencies then come and go in our human life experience based on the frequencies being emitted by either party at any one moment. This sees humanity bound by the Torus field itself and also blinded by it. There is experience beyond the form itself and it is quarantined heavily. 

What quarantines said experience? the human soul.  It is set at a frequency bandwidth that permits variations on a root set of frequencies and prohibits movement beyond said bandwidth.  The human logical mind is easily fooled and it is fooled when it sees things as other than they are in TRUTH. A variation of a theme will always exist within the human physical life experience and this has been taught to many within humanity as a soul contract that is here to be learned from. Many within humanity are now beginning to understand that the human soul is in the drivers seat and they are attempting to alter the soul itself. This is not possible because of the bandwidth that the human soul is aligned to.  We can listen to a radio station on an FM frequency, we can then tire of said radio station so we move the dial to a new one, which appears to be completely different but still runs on the same FM base frequency.  So the human logical mind will tells itself "aha I am now doing something different and experiencing something different" but all that has changed is the variation in the frequency, the bandwidth it operates from is still the same.

In order to move beyond the bandwidth that the human soul runs on we require to hand over our human soul to Christ within the Salvation in TRUTH process. This allows us to move into the next phase which is anchoring of our SPIRIT from our Creator YHWY into our human vehicle. There is a cleansing and clearing process that is undergone that allows for us to begin to walk within the Morphic Fields that the bandwidth of the human soul runs from.  These Morphic Fields are patrolled by Lucifer and are heavily guarded which is why we must hand back the entire human soul to Christ.  We are covered by His Blood and His Victory and we are fully under the Grace of YHWY when we allow our SPIRIT to guide us home for our spirit recognizes enemy territory and it keeps us in full surrender as we walk OFF the battlefield and into TRUTH and UNITY with our Creator YHWY, aligning us fully and PERMANENTLY with our Creation Purpose in TRUTH. 

This is highly challenging for those within the Salvation in TRUTH process because we exist within a human race that believe they are other than they are in TRUTH.  Whilst we can understand the journey they walk because we have walked from that as our starting point it is still challenging to move beyond because our human logical mind tells us there is nowhere to walk to. It is heavily conditioned to use the reference points created and protected by the human soul itself. The human soul is the previous occupant of our human vehicle and as such the changes to the human vehicle will often contradict that which the previous occupants desired of said human vehicle. 

We must also understand and remember that those around us in this our human life experience "see and perceive" us as a person whom they have defined within their human reference points. When our SPIRIT activates fully within our human vehicle the changes that occur trigger those around us as they pick up unconsciously the change of direction and action that is taking place. This sees at times us at odds with our closest family, friends and colleagues as they try to make sense of someone who looks like us but is now not us as we were.  We are no longer who we were born to be because we have removed the human soul and now we are coming into alignment with who we were created to be in TRUTH. 

We too in this our human physical form have to understand and accept the changes that are internal and will manifest externally. This may see us at odds with ourselves as our eating habits alter, our sleeping patterns change and our likes and dislikes begin to change and align with our Creation Purpose.  Humanity have been conditioned to look for patterns, to look for "familiar" and to remain within said patterns and familiarity.  This all dissolves as the SPIRIT begins to anchor more fully and we must always remain in full surrender to the process as we begin to change from the caterpillar to the butterfly, both creatures with very different ways of navigating life.   We too become new creatures: 

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.