Releasing Eden

Always our Creator YHWY will validate at a physical waking everyday human life level His Promise to us.  Lucifer has done an amazing job of hiding that which is against our Creator YHWY in plain sight.  The construct of religion has done a fantastic job of further refining this process even more by giving false definitions and placing the Word of YHWY in a "past" context.  This sees many within humanity believing that there is a linear aspect to our Creator YHWY's promise which is not TRUTH.  

Lucifer requires humanity to use linear in order to blind them in the spaces between spaces, whilst we believe that something is in the "past" we fail to see that it is present and has influence in the moment we are in.  In TRUTH there is no past, present or future, only the moment we are in. 

Moses was chosen by our Creator YHWY to bring our Creator YHWY's children out of bondage, the same bondage that humanity have fallen back into as the ten commandments are altered and changed to suit humanity.  The interpretation of the ten commandments has been subtly altered and many within humanity no longer see any value in them, again falling to the belief that it was for humanity in the "past". We were given these commandments to protect us, they are not a set of rules and regulations that our Creator YHWY demands we stand within or He will smite us, that is what Lucifer wants humanity to believe in order to fuel their rebellion further. 

Todays society is no different to that which was happening as Moses went up Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments. The "golden calf" has been replaced with various "reality" tv shows that seek to have those who watch them hooked on every episode.  The social media platforms demand increased interaction with those seeking to gain more followers and be seen using the "selfies" that are mini idols but remain hidden to humanity.  We are encouraged to "covet" with each enticing advert that seeks to have us chase after a better life, a more fulfilling experience etc. Many within the two younger generations that are currently been bombarded with conditioning are not aware that man and woman were created to be together and to be faithful to one another.  They are filled with the conditioning of Lucifer's world that sees other people as labels and therefore disposable. 

The ten commandments were given to those who are "Israel" by our Creator YHWY before He scattered them amongst the nations.  It is humanity itself who has chosen (and encouraged by the conditioning of Satan) to interpret who "Israel" is and of course the human logical mind will tend towards the actual named country as being that which our Creator YHWY is referring to. This is not TRUTH and is now playing out as those who were scattered are once more being called back by our Creator YHWY, He alone knows His Children and will seek to have them remember. They do this through the call to the surrender to Christ and entering the Salvation in TRUTH process for ALL JUST IS. 

We do not choose, we are chosen and it is not the judgment of humanity nor the opposition of Satan and Lucifer that will dictate the birth of "Israel" once more for prophecy is unfolding and remains hidden to many within humanity.