Navigating the Ocean of Grief

Releasing Eden

Human language is deliberately used to manipulate and control.  Our emotional responses to the outer waking reality are the hidden compass that we are conditioned to ignore, yet it is how we are manipulated by darkness.  For every decision we take out of anger, out of fear, out of jealousy, out of indignation etc moves us in ways that remains hidden.  A snap decision may appear to be just this but it may take some time to reveal itself. Relationships are broken, fragmented and manipulated through the internal emotional landscape and said emotional landscape is triggered repeatedly within the outer waking reality.  So how do we navigate this human life experience when we are blind to both the ocean on which we sail and the boat in which we sail within?

It is only through the Grace of our Creator YHWY that we can remain out of the situations that our own decisions bring us to for we create the outer waking reality through our internal navigation.  We then find ourselves often in situations that we did not want and then believe that they are somehow solid and cannot be altered, thus we are manipulated into accepting a false reality and the associated emotions that come with this. This constricting cycle will go on repeatedly until we are able to reach the moment of the actual manipulation and it is always related to something that we have done and not realized the implication of.  This is why it is vital that we understand and practice forgiveness and repentance.  These two words are almost like poison to many within humanity who are in full judgment mode and see no reason for either. In order to make any headway emotionally we must learn how our emotions flow, to begin to understand that which is our blind spot, for all have a blind spot, we are spirit born into a human vehicle and we do not have 360 vision. It is in the blind spot that darkness works and continues to work until light is shone on it.  Only our connection to Christ and our prayer to His Father, YHWY can resolve the "impossible" and go beyond where the human logical mind believes that we can go. 

1 Peter 2:24 (KJV)

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.” 

Miracles are of our Creator YHWY and are the outcomes that our human logical mind interprets as impossible.  It is miracles that see us redeemed where before we were damned. It is miracles that see us heal in ways that we thought impossible and all is through the Grace of our Creator YHWY.  It is one thing to walk with Christ and to move along the narrow path, it is another to open to our Creator YHWY Himself for our connection back to our Creator is as important as our connection to His Son.  Even in His human form, Christ still sought the word and guidance of His Father and we are asked to do the same. To reach out further than we think is possible and open our hearts fully, to understand that when we are surrendered in Christ, we no longer sail on an invisible ocean in an invisible boat with no map. The ocean becomes visible, the boat becomes visible and Christ shows us the map that helps us navigate. It is our Creator YHWY Himself who brings us to dry land, who wipes away our tears and repairs us fully for He is our Heavenly Father, our Creator in TRUTH. That which Lucifer reaps from is the distance between us and our Creator, we must reduce the distance by allowing Christ to remove the pain that keeps the distance in place.