New Age Religion

Releasing eden

The past few decades have seen an explosion of "self help" and none more so than in what is termed the "new age movement".  Many of the false teachings of this movement have made it into the mainstream with various magazine articles heralding "spiritual" solutions to daily living. On the surface this may seem innocent enough but we are warned repeatedly in the Word of YHWY against such things.  

Having experienced first hand the new age movement and interacted within it at levels most people do not reach I have seen first hand the fall out from this far from innocent religion and it is a religion. Show me a member of the new age movement who does not have a house full of crystals or their own personal "guardian angel".  The tools of the movement are the hidden rote and ritual that this movement slates traditional religion for. 

There are so many similarities that are hidden to the human naked eye for both traditional and new age religion are at war with one another. One denying the other in an attempt to manipulate humanity. 

What makes the new age religion more manipulative is the promises that are made within the movement, the manipulation of health and emotional well-being.  When the movement cannot provide the promises it makes it then turns on the seeker, placing the problem squarely at their feet, this leaves those seeking within this movement more traumatized than when they first entered it.  It is not TRUTH to turn one human against another and yet this is a known practice within the new age movement, on the surface it may present itself as "light and love" but scratch below the surface and you will find deep aggression and emotional manipulation that is breathtaking.  Clients are often manipulated into spending huge sums of monies in order to gain more "enlightenment" within said movement and those who offer services within the movement seek to keep their clients reliant on them.  If the healing worked within this religion then it would not be able to continue for it would lose the very clients that it is built upon. Who does not want to suddenly have a connection to "angels" or become an interpreter for "other worldly beings" in order to become " someone" within humanity?  Those seeking fame and recognition at the cost of others health and well-being are in abundance within the movement. Some of the practices within this movement are downright dangerous, drug taking is encouraged as a way to reach "enlightenment" totally ignoring that substance abuse is already an epidemic within the general population and there are many who can testify to drug taking as the route simply to oblivion. Yet the packaging promoted is slick and innocent looking. For those who are trapped within this movement it is a difficult route out, for those who are "friendly" and "supportive" will turn when the movement is questioned, labeling is one such turning with those who question those who are positions of power being made to feel they are at odds with all around them.  

All within humanity are equal to place your own health and emotional well-being as well as your spirit in the hands of those who seek only to find fame and fortune is a road that is littered with false promises. We are not creating a new anything, we are not waiting on millions of people to "wake up", we are asked to live in TRUTH, helping our fellow humans through simply accepting that we do not have the answers but through being kind and respectful to one another we seek to live in harmony knowing that we have no right to judge but will be judged by our Creator personally for our responsibility for our own Salvation in TRUTH rests only with us. By releasing our own hurts and accepting that we are not meant to have all the answers we can live a fruitful life, harming no one and bringing happiness and love to those around us simply by recognizing our own humanity.