New Earth

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There are many and varied teachings in relation to the "new earth", indeed within the new age movement this false teaching has taken hold to the degree that the actual definition of what it will look like is being anchored within the minds of those who are trapped within said movement. 

Revelation 21:1 (KJV)

 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

We are subject to repeated conditioning that seeks to have us accept that which our human eyes see and nothing more. In order to understand the above passage we have to surrender everything we have ever been taught in relation to "earth".  As we walk through the Salvation in TRUTH process with Christ further TRUTH will be revealed as we are gifted the Holy Spirit.

It is only with the aid of the Holy Spirit that we can ever begin to understand the Word of YHWY, without the aid of the Holy Spirit the Word of YHWY becomes just a book filled with words. It has been used to manipulate and to control humanity through the false belief that it can be understood without the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

TRUTH JUST IS, it stands alone, when our Creator YHWY removes the veils that have been internally placed within us then we begin to see where before we were blind. We begin to see beyond the veils that surround humanity, we begin to understand how the conditioning keeps humanity chained to false ideas, false concepts and false belief structures.  It is only through our own dissolving of the conditioning that we personally have been subject to that we can ever reach beyond said veils.  It is then that scripture begins to speak to us and we begin to understand TRUTH, it is all very well reaching TRUTH but we are required to understand it, we are required to understand our own Creation Purpose in TRUTH and that which our Creator YHWY created us for. 

Without this understanding being reached then we will fall to the false belief structures of humanity, we will fall to the illusion that we came here to "be this" or to "experience that".  We came here for a very specific purpose and this purpose is within us, it is hidden behind the veils that attempt to teach us that this world is solid, that it was even created by our Creator YHWY and it is all that there is.  For many within humanity the "new earth" is something that humanity will create, they fail to see that humanity is trapped within its own walls of knowledge, it cannot create anything at all, it merely experiences through the veils that have been placed upon its eyes.  We are all blind until we can see, as we begin to see then we can begin to address that which we could not see. 

It is our Creator YHWY, our Heavenly Father who is creator of ALL. It is He who has promised a new earth, that the old one will pass away and be no more. This is the process that we enter when we enter the Salvation in TRUTH process for our eyes do not see the different dimensions that exist, the different realms, all is hidden to our human eyes until it is revealed. The density that we are repeatedly subject to can and will be removed in order that we can even breathe and begin to remember but all is done is surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. There is no other path, no other exit route:

John 14:6 (KJV)

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me