New Earth

 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. 

Isaiah 65:17 (KJV)

Our Creator YHWY made a promise to us, His Children, a promise which to us in this our human form seems impossible but is not. Nothing is impossible for our Creator YHWY and we must remember this. It is so easy to fall to the very dense and deep conditioning that is placed upon humanity in relation to this human life experience.  The human logical mind cannot comprehend the vast picture for it is limited due to the very conditioning that keeps us in check until it is dissolved fully. 

Human "science" is already attempting to push the boundaries of the human life experience but is still limited due to said conditioning.  Humanity may indeed by able to "create" but not in TRUTH, we as human beings do not have the rights to create and in attempting to create we manifest that which is an abomination and that which we then have to take responsibility for.  It is to be noted that having a baby is not "creating", it is reproducing, human language is used as a form of control, we were created to be able to reproduce which is completely different from being able to "create".  Our Creator YHWY is the only one that can gift creation in TRUTH. In this human form we are very limited, we are conditioned to use linear time as a reference point (please see earlier TRUTH Codes work for detailed explanation) and in doing so we filter out that which is around us and pin point specifics. This sees us work with a picture that is but a fraction of the entire picture in TRUTH and which keeps us blind to our actions and their repercussions in said vast picture. 

Such is the fear that is cultured into humanity many believe that we have to control and somehow manage the outer waking world and if we do not then something terrible will happen to humanity as a whole. But we are told and forewarned in the Word of YHWY that this current age will come to an end and be replaced by a new earth.  Unfortunately the New Age community has been force fed various false teachings that see many within said community believe that once again humanity are in control of the creation of the new earth and that somehow only a chosen percentage within humanity have said control.  This false teaching blinds all who fall to it, we do not have creation rights, we are blinded to much within this human form, the only one who can deliver a new earth is our Creator YHWY and the only route back to connection to Him is through His Son, Christ. 

The war is already won, the prophesy is already completing and it has nothing to do with a certain percentage of "awakened individuals" who have fallen to the lies and half truths of Lucifer. We have to remember that darkness has no anchor in linear, is not bound by human logic nor reason and has studied humanity for ever.  We are all blind until we are given back our sight and only our Creator YHWY can gift us this blessing.  Without the gift of the Holy Spirit we cannot fully understand prophesy and we cannot understand our own blindness until it is revealed to us. The surrender that we undertake within the Salvation in TRUTH process is full surrender for this purpose. For it is a cultivated human trait to believe that we have somehow "solved" something or have an answer. It not humanity who have the answers but our Creator YHWY and we must default to surrender to Him at all moments of all moments.  We do this to maintain our protection under the blood of Christ for our surrender is opposed by Lucifer who cultivates rebellion at each, any and every opportunity.  It is our rebellion, hidden deep within our sub conscious that has seen us walk false paths and fallen to false pictures, it is our surrender that sees us walk WITH Christ out of darkness and fully into the Light of TRUTH.