Old Earth Matrix

The Old Earth Matrix is a series of structures that are akin to "building blocks" but that which they actually build is resistance to TRUTH.  There is no part of the human life experience that is not affected. View it like a large honeycomb but the chambers are translucent, they cannot be seen by the naked human eyes.  Within each chamber are various strongholds, that are frequency barriers that protect the translucent chamber.  If we do not remove the barriers then we cannot take down the chamber and we remain at the mercy of the old earth construct. Frequency barriers play to the human logical mind first and foremost. We will find ourselves finding logical reasons why something would be how it is. All of it will seem so reasonable that our mind will simply tell us there is no other way that the circumstance could be.  

As we begin to "awaken" and see the world in a different way there are frequency barriers that seek to keep us searching and have us remain trying to prove that we are correct.  For example we may wake up to TRUTH in relation to how food is being used against us, we may alter our diet and take meat out of our diet but then spend a long time trying to persuade those around us what is happening.  This seems reasonable and a "good" thing to do, but what we will find is that it creates a backlash as those around us who have not reached this frequency are oblivious to it.  The person who has awoken will then use massive amounts of energy trying to validate their own findings. This PREVENTS the frequency barrier from being walked thru because it begins a war that rages and that the person gets pulled into.  We are here to exit the Old Earth Matrix, we cannot do that by fighting every battle that unfolds. We therefore walk thru the frequency barrier by accepting that those around us have not reached the frequency required AND THIS IS OK.  

The Old Earth Matrix plays on our fears.  Many within humanity are in "fear" of humanity not walking up, they don't require to, its not about "them" its about our personal walk. This is not selfish (another fear construct) it is our human physical vehicle, it is our spirit and our responsibility to expand beyond the Old Earth Matrix, the chains are strongest where we are manipulated into believing that other people are our responsibility, they are not. We he have to be responsible for ourselves because unless we are present in the moment we are enslaved. We are responsible for how we react, how we treat those around us, how loving we are, how centered we are etc.  NO ONE ELSE. 

The Old Earth Matrix is built upon a foundation of lies, weaving responsibility and dependency thru humanity and creating a web that is very dense indeed.