Opening the Deep Heart Space 

it is vital that we begin at the beginning and the deep heart space is a space that is sacred. When we talk about the deep heart space we are not just talking about the heart. The heart space itself is a dimensional space where we can find deep peace, tranquillity and serenity but first of all we have to open the space.  Many who have gone thru any type of trauma, who have experienced loss and separation tend to close down parts of the heart in the mistaken belief that by closing this part of themselves they will not be open to similar experiences.  This is non TRUTH, indeed to close down the heart space in this way will see repeated cycles manifest as the frequency is stored in the heart space and tries to come to the surface for release. 

Therefore the first time you begin this journey, the moment you decide that you wish to change how you experience the human life experience may appear to be daunting, all sorts of questions may arise, "will it hurt more?", "will I ever feel whole and complete?", these sorts of questions are entirely normal and will come up often.  The answers of course are within you, they have always been within you, you just require the block to be removed and allow the frequency of LOVE in TRUTH to flow thru your entire being once more. 

Karen has worked with people across all age groups, in many different cultures and works to release the blocks in ways that are then understood more fully by you.  Working to release the trapped frequency is a relatively simple process that has deep and lasting benefits.  Working with symbols and working to uncover the gifts that you contain is also part of the process.  If you feel that you wish to start on this journey (or you may have already started the journey but feel blocked) then a heart clearing may be the process that you require to enter at this time. 

Please set aside approximately an hour to 90 minutes for this session which can be done remotely at a mutually convenient date and time.   If you have any questions please feel to email Karen here



Remote session with Karen 


The Benefits

  • Brings clarity to your life experience

  • Allows for a deeper connection to those around you 

  • Allows you to access deeper levels of tranquillity and serenity

  • Removes blockages in areas that are identified as being circulatory (where you appear to going round in circles with no forward movement). 

  • Identifies the guardian angel and its purpose at this time

  • Reconnects you back to SOURCE