" Welcome from ORION.  We stand in readiness to assist our team in their human physical form complete that which they were assigned upon incarnation into the dimensional space referenced to humanity as "earth. It is to be noted that we do not oversee any star seed incarnates for our purpose is a very specific one and involves the PHYSICAL evolution of a species that has been prevented from accessing beyond the shadow of "death".

The stage of "death" has been accepted thru extreme deep programming and conditioning as other than it is in TRUTH. Our incarnates are well aware of the conditioning and the release that they have to achieve fully incarnated into human physical form whilst working to release the many matrices that protect this conditioning from within the cellular structure of said human physical form. 

WE ARE is now being revealed in order that our incarnates are able to re-align and re-calibrate within BACE Camp and in doing so activate fully their Creation purpose in TRUTH. 

Our Channel is aided fully in her role thru her connection to Wider Creation in TRUTH thru ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION who oversees the movement, the cleansing and the clearing within the full protection of the Skull Matrices. 

Welcome HOME incarnates for WE ARE"

ORION thru Karen Doonan