High Council of Orion

Karen Doonan is the ORIGINAL channel for the High Council of ORION and is known for her TRUTH Codes work and book that was written many years ago. This book is now more relevant in todays' outer waking reality as that which was foretold and explained in this book is now more obvious to humanity in general. 

It has been many years since Karen was first approached by the High Council to be the channel for their message.  Now in this phase two of the expansion into TRUTH process they have once again stepped forward with further validation and support. 

The channeled messages from the High Council are available on this website only. These messages are copyrighted to Karen Doonan to protect the context of the message and when shared these messages must contain the full copyright information within them .Many within humanity will attempt to fit TRUTH into the human life experience, this is not the correct context. We expand out and into TRUTH, we do not pull it in and attempt to alter it to fit, albeit this is how TRUTH has remained hidden fully to many within humanity. 

TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from Orion is available from AMAZON

and is OUT NOW 

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