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 Channelled Messages

All Channelled Messages are brought thru for information purposes only. The sharing of the message is acceptance of this and the message should not be shared with others as it is personal to the person who has received it. 

 Channelled Messages are sent out within 3 - 5 days of receiving the order and is sent out via email. Please make sure the email you use to order is the one that you wish the message information to be sent to. 

 Channelled Messages - A guide

Why would you ever require "channelled" message?  What comes thru in a "channelled" message? These are the sorts of questions that are usually asked in respect of something that the majority of the human race still deny.  We are evolving and as we evolve the ways in which we communicate evolve with us.  During the intense periods of upgrades and influxes of "frequency" we may feel like we are going thru a wind tunnel at a 100mph and in the dimensional space referenced as "earth" there is a deep illusion that somehow the rest of the human race have it all worked out and are having an amazing life experience. 

This is the challenge to all star seeds, to see thru the illusion and to understand that they are not "weird" or "unusual", they are simply out of time. The star seed experience is one that leaves many confused and lost as they birthed into human families who simply do not understand them. It may be that as as star seed you have a deep sense of the environment around you, have a deep longing that you cannot explain and are able to interact with nature and the Crystal Kingdom in ways that the average human being cannot. 

Star seeds contain coding that is activating thru the evolution process. Depending upon which "home" star system you belong to depends on your Creation in TRUTH Purpose in the entire process. As a Channel I can fully understand the bewilderment that you often feel for I too had to awaken and understand my place and my role in this dimensional space.  

Channelled Messages are "personal". It is the star system talking to you thru me. I am simply the conduit thru which they can voice their words. They already know how to support you, how to move you into the next phase of the process, they are coming thru me in order to vocalize and reach the physical plane (the written word solidifies the frequency).  Any support that they feel you need in the form of crystals, meditations, self care etc is brought thru in the channelled message which is always more detailed than the general channellings that are shared for the population en masse. 

Channelled Message thru Karen (via email)