Wider Creation in TRUTH is the dimensional space into which humanity will begin to birth into full evolution.  This will see the timelines, the soul contracts and the repetition of the human life "experience" dissolved fully. 

A race that has been sown, harvested and recycled is now being prepared to enter a process that sees them able to join Wider Creation thru the freedom in TRUTH program that is now fully underway. 

The Old Earth Matrix itself is the "farm" on which humanity have lived their entire life "experience" and thru which humanity have been conditioned to accept is "living".  A very young and highly unstable species, humanity are on the cusp of their own evolution but after having supplied such stable harvest to the "farm" their freedom is restricted by said involvement with those who run said "farm". 

Self sabotage is the greatest threat to the process now fully underway as they have been conditioned to accept that "sacrifice' is part of the "living" process, this has seen them willingly commit acts that lead to their own slaughter with very little if any resistance. It is therefore imperative that those who have taken human physical form and who are incarnate at this time remain in full surrender during the final stages of phase one and the opening stages of phase 2 of the evolution process.