When we begin to walk towards the very edge of the Old Earth Matrix we are approached by BEINGS who's only purpose is to defend the Old Earth Matrix itself. They can be viewed akin to sentries that are posted say on the walls of prison buildings. Their role is to stop anyone from exiting the "compound" and they will go to extra-ordinary lengths to complete their purpose. 

The "compound" is further patrolled by those who have set up home within said space and are at a human everyday waking level those who can gain access to us most easily. They will appear as :friends", "co-workers", "family" etc. Any host vehicle that is deemed "friendly" will be accessed and used to place a "lock" upon the human life experience itself.  It can be very distressing indeed to reach the understanding that we live within a dimensional space that is other than it appears to the naked human eye but the addition of the SPIRITUAL PRESSURE that is then piled on at this level of the journey is immense. The pressure is to conform, to remain within the tight boundaries placed upon the human race as a whole.  For those who are aligned with Wider Creation in TRUTH this will present a sort of catch 22 scenario where every movement is counteracted by the Old Earth Matrix. 

It is at this point that we require to receive ANGELIC ASSISTANCE in the form of a dimensional space that is placed before us and into which we walk in order to walk BETWEEN the layers of the Old Earth Matrix itself. This  protected space is only available to the 144,000 as they carry the seeds for the new harvest beyond the Old Earth Construct.