Physical Manifestation of the Spiritual in TRUTH

We live in a physical reality that is not solid and is not fixed.  But we are conditioned repeatedly and heavily to place our focus upon said physical reality and in doing so we blind ourselves to that which HOLDS the outer waking reality in place. All blocks are spiritual just as all "union" is spiritual.  Often we will find ourselves in a position where we are interacting with that which is not TRUTH due to the spiritual binding that has permitted something that is not TRUTH to manifest in the physical.  As the conditioning is so heavy and is held in place by belief we then assume that that which we interact with has a purpose other than it is in TRUTH. 

Let us use an example in order to clarify this, take for example a relationship that is co dependent, that is a relationship that does not serve on the physical everyday plane.  Many teachings that are shared within humanity seek to allow the blinding that occurs to said relationship through a false assumption that there are lessons to be "learned" or something to be "healed" through said relationship.  This is false because what is behind the manifestation of the actual relationship is something spiritual that should not be there. There will be clues that the relationship is not a "healthy" one but the clues will be ignored by the human logical mind due to the false teachings that somehow there is a sacrifice to be undertaken in order to reach the "lesson". 

In order to clear any, all and every false relationship that is bound at a spiritual level it is necessary to work on the spiritual plane first and foremost and then to observe the changes that take place in the physical. This must always be done with an active connection to Christ and this has nothing to do with remaining within the construct of religion.  Christ is the transformer, the connection to our Creator YHWY who took human physical form in order to experience that which is the human physical plane.  His direct connection with our Creator YHWY is that which we are protected through and within. Christ is TRUTH and holds the frequency of TRUTH, this creates a pathway for us to walk that sees us walk beyond where our human logical mind will accept that we can walk. 

Walking IN Christ sees us able to view the spiritual in order that we can "see" that which is blocking us in the human physical plane in which we walk.  This is hidden to humanity and many try to work in the spiritual without an active connection to Christ. The whole point of the construct of religion was to prevent humanity walking IN Christ. The construct of religion will have its followers bow to Christ, to be as Christ was on the Cross and to place Christ in a sort of hero mode. We are required to be IN CHRIST, to be IN the frequency of TRUTH. We will know when we have stepped out of Christ because we will find ourselves oppressed and often blocked by something that seems other than it is in the physical. 

The challenge is always to seek on the spiritual first and foremost because humanity are conditioned to be in rebellion, to force their way through the human life experience and to force their will over that which they cannot actually see with their every day waking human eyes.  This rebellion does nothing other than lock the oppression in place and results in much frustration and confusion which lowers frequency and then separates us further from being IN CHRIST. When we find ourselves with frustration building and a sense of unease we must always reconnect with Christ and surrender fully to the process, Christ will then reveal to us that which is holding the pattern in place and that which is seeking to have us believe it cannot be dissolved, moved nor fully healed.