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14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the...

WE ARE now asked to understand the very physical movement that is being made thru the human physical vehicles that make up the human race. As I have mentioned before in my work all that is spiritual will become physical. That is all that resides in what is conditioned at this time to be a "spiritual plane" will take SOLID physical human form upon the physical plane in which humanity exist and were created.

For many this washes thru them, for others it washes over them for others it will WASH THEM fully. WE ARE asked at this time to adhere to the Will of SPIRIT in TRUTH and to go deep within our heart space. There is deep and continual conditioning within this physical plane and within the human life experience that seeks to hide TRUTH at ALL TIMES.

WE ARE now being prepared for SPIRIT in TRUTH to SOLIDIFY. This will occur as we now take the steps necessary to cleanse and clear the imprint that the FLESH of our human physical form has taken in this dimensional space. It is the FLESH that is weak, this has been accepted and adulterated continually thru the construct that is religion. It is weak due to the DNA/RNA coding of FALSE FREQUENCY that has kept the human race at the mercy of that which preys upon it.

TRAUMA, SEPARATION and even DEATH itself are FALSE FREQUENCIES that seeks to harvest the most fear based crops that exist in ANY dimensional space. We can see this thru the current psy op that is now preparing the LAST crop that will ever be taken by those who prey upon this race. This is foretold in REVELATION and is that which is being used against humanity at this time.

As HEAVEN in TRUTH now SOLIDIFY within humanity and join with HEAVEN in TRUTH that surround humanity that which has been foretold will be revealed. For those who are now preparing please trust the process, WE ARE UNITED in TRUTH for WE ARE.


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