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We are heavily conditioned within this dimensional plane to accept that which the human logical mind and the naked human eyes see as solid reality.  TRUTH is much stranger than fiction and yet this is denied by our human logical mind which seeks to have everything linear and making "sense".   Indeed so heavily conditioned are we within this human form that anything that does not make "sense" is shut down by our human logical mind and simply ignored.

We are conditioned to place our focus and by doing so we hide that which is standing right in front of us.   This is no new statement, many within humanity can work with this to higher levels but that which seeks to keep us blind is that which is standing behind us and has walked with us forever.  GOLD is a frequency that works to highlight these shadows which are not part of the human life experience itself.  The "shadow work" that many hold dear and wear almost like a badge is not what it presents itself as. Humanity were not created with a shadow, the idea of a shadow came about from a very logical point of view which sought to explain that which does not move no matter how much spiritual work is done.

This non movement is due to the frequencies that are at work within the dimensional space that is the old earth construct/matrix.   ALL levels of frequency are employed in various ways and used to blind humanity. The rainbow is made up of many more colors than the naked human eye can see.  The color that is used by wider Creation in TRUTH is GOLD but GOLD has been defined to humanity and has been presented in an illusion that sees many step back from this frequency.  It is vital that it is understood that I am not referring to the mineral GOLD but the frequency GOLD.  The mineral itself has been used to prevent the frequency from entering the human life experience.

There are various false teachings that seek to have humans ingest the mineral and whilst this may have very little effect on the human physical vehicle at a spiritual level it creates a plateau that is similar to a dead zone.   The fallen ones who took the information from the higher spiritual realms have been using this false teaching to block that which will see their end and which will reveal TRUTH in relation to THEIR role in the fall and this of course sees them in full rebellion to ALL of CREATION in TRUTH.

It is entirely possible for work at a spiritual level to be defeated when it is done without the aid of Christ and the fallen ones know this.  Hence we have a section of humanity who are embracing the need to remove emotional debris, who are aware and have validated the connection between the spiritual realm and the physical human plane that our human vehicle lives within but are prevented from moving beyond this due to the non connection to Christ.

The construct of religion sought to teach humanity to follow Christ and in doing so have placed redemption at finger tip reach. Much like following an ice cream truck, knowing that when it stops they will receive refreshment many within the construct of religion keep seeking, always behind the truck but never reaching it.  This has been replicated within the new age movement in the use of frequency and the restrictions that the fallen have put upon the SPIRITUAL REALM.   The spiritual realm is but the parking lot of wider Creation in TRUTH, the building that is wider Creation in TRUTH sits beyond the parking lot but if the fallen can have humanity park their vehicles and accept that there is nothing beyond this then the building is never entered and wider Creation in TRUTH is never reached.

It is to be noted that the fallen are KNOWN to Christ and that the fallen are known to our Creator YHWY and they will be judged in the end of days as stated in prophecy. The unbinding of humanity from the old earth construct/matrix is done thru illuminating that which is held spiritually in order that wider Creation in TRUTH can be seen.  It does not require a belief system, we do not require to know how our lungs work in order to breathe air, we simply breathe air and too much linear knowledge is a precursor to placing too much focus on the breathing itself,  Focus too much on your own breathing it gets interrupted.

At this time the final roundup is being organized and this round up will snare even the most powerful of the fallen because their power has to be seen in context. They are only as powerful as those they work for and as they no longer are connected to wider Creation in TRUTH they are diminished.  It is therefore not what you know at a spiritual level that allows ACCESS to the building but who YOU ARE in TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS and is the most powerful frequency that exists period.

A fallen one illuminated by GOLD cannot serve ANYTHING at all and this will now be validated to humanity in various ways. Those who can see and those who know will now be shown the power of TRUTH and in doing so will illuminate that which has sought to teach humanity that a shadow is a reflection.  It is a dead zone which can and will be cleansed and cleared and that which has held humanity ransom will be dealt with in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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