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A Message from Wider Creation in TRUTH

It is now time for us to take stock of that which we are moving and that which we are removing as we now are placed at a vantage point which allow us to understand where we have walked and why we have take a different path. For many within humanity the human life experience was mapped out, decisions were taken and paths opened and closed. For many at this time and certainly the 144,000 it has been a navigation to this point that has made little to no sense whatsoever.

Whenever the human life experience gives us a STOP sign often we ignore it. We may find a STOP sign occurring when we get to a cross roads that we do not even see. Wider Creation in TRUTH sees ALL and sees the navigation routes that the 144,000 were making. For many the STOP sign made no sense, a life experience suddenly occurred and stopped everything. It may be the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, a traumatic event that changed everything or the end of a career. The STOP signs that Wider Creation in TRUTH use are defined. Therefore there is no coming back from them. For many the trying to move back to the life before the STOP sign has been a long hard road and nothing will have moved much. We can never move STOP in TRUTH signs from our path because they are TRUTH.

So locked into the Old Earth Matrix are humanity that those around us may have seen us hit these STOP signs and felt helpless. Well meaning people may have given us advice, tried to help us and yet still nothing transpired and this is because the STOP sign is a navigation point. It is an ending put in place at a frequency that prevents us straying from our Creation in TRUTH purpose. Of course we do not know, much less understand this, at the time.

It is now that Wider Creation in TRUTH will begin to provide more road signs. It will provide clear navigation signs for our next movement. We have had to wait at the STOP sign for the road to clear, for our own emotional debris that built up upon that road to be dissolved and only when the way ahead is clear do we get the GREEN light in TRUTH to move.

For many of the 144,000 the past 24/48 hours will have been emotionally intense as things that were thought dealt with once again rise up, we are asked to cleanse fully and that means putting the STOP sign in the context of TRUTH. It is the Old Earth Matrix that seeks to put a spin on the STOP sign and have us accept that we "got it wrong" when in TRUTH we were given a blessing that we simply could not see. We are permitted the grace that this is because we require to understand that we are here to walk a path that cannot be seen by human eyes alone but in full surrender to Christ thru our heart space can be navigated with the help and support of Wider Creation in TRUTH.

WE ARE not alone, we have never been alone and now signs are placed to validate this at an everyday human life experience level.



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