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AA Gabriel - Cleansing and clearing in preparation for expansion

WE ARE at this time on the cusp of a massive expansion. Many of you can feel the surges in energy that are occurring at this time and many of you are now facing that which has tried to stand in your way and block your path. To aid in this transformation and expansion we are asked to work to UNDERSTAND that which is standing before us is IN us. We are the product of the generations that have gone before us. At a deep level they live thru us, our decisions and often our feelings regarding certain aspects of the human life experience are not entirely our own.

In order to move beyond this point in our life experience, to move into BALANCE, HARMONY and EXPANSION we are asked to work to clear the ancestral debris. This allows for a clearer picture to emerge which we can then work with more deeply.

It stops the circular motion of experience and moves us beyond the spirals into that which lies beyond. It straightens out our path so that we no longer have to move into RE EXPERIENCING anything at all. We are moving into deep expansion, able to reach more and more profound levels of experiencing LOVE in TRUTH.

For those who are subscribed to our guided journeys there is a guided journey called AA Gabriel - The shore and we encourage you to work with this guided journey at this time. For those who wish to work to this level but are unsure of subscribing at this time we have made this guided journey available (at a cost to be set by yourself) on the main TRUTH Codes website. This is for a limited time and will be removed in due course.

When purchasing the guided journey be mindful of the interaction and the energy exchange that is taking place. The guided journey is voice only and is a deep journey. (Full instructions are included in the recording itself).

It is time to stand up and reclaim our human life experience to new levels of our BEing.


Karen x

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