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AA Gabriel message for 17th October 2022

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Beloved ones I am AA Gabriel, I stand before you at this time holding my wings WIDE in order to protect you from that which you are not permitted to see at this time. The suffering that is now unfolding rapidly within the human race is not something that we wish for you to entwine yourself within. It is a deliberate attempt by darkness to trigger the deepest parts of your human identity at this time.

For those of you who have given birth to children this is especially true at this time with many of you being triggered hugely by the events that are now unfolding. We work at this time to snip the chords that tie you to the human struggle for that is not your purpose nor your path. Do you understand our guidance?

We place the following coding upon you in order that you can now work to release the NET that is placed upon those who sire children within the dimensional space referenced as "earth".




PATHOGEN release








DUST removal





We ask that you now surrender all within the heart space and allow the seraphim to bring the LIGHT of TRUTH thru their singing thru you. The lifting of this veil is painful because it is hardwired into the human physical vehicle. It serves NO ONE least of all any of you to continue with this programming and so you will now begin to release it slowly. For those who are continuing to interact and to keep the rote and ritual you will find it increasingly difficult to keep the momentum and this is deliberate. A race that has been kept savage, bonded thru their offspring is a race in chains.

WE ARE AA Gabriel

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. No permission is granted to share this article and this article remains the property of Karen Doonan.

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