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AA Jophiel

For many people the movement out of grief and into REBIRTH is a journey that fills them with the frequency of fear, such is the movement that they often try to hold on and anchor for fear of "falling" when in TRUTH we are about to rise in frequency. Anchors that are anywhere except in Christ are non TRUTH, when we are anchored in this dimensional space to places, people or events it constricts our movement and this is non TRUTH.

At this time AA Jophiel is appearing to many and the role of this Archangel is to uproot the false anchors within our human life experience. Many people hold on to events/places and people and even more so when these have passed over thru the veil. The conditioning within humanity is strong in relation to "lest we forget", however this is often taken out of context, it is possible to remember but move forward, to remember with love and compassion without being forced back into the ocean of grief each time. Forgiveness is the key and the key is in the INSIDE OF THE JAIL CELL.

Often families will fracture when someone within said family move beyond the veil, often family structures are such that a certain person within the structure becomes the anchor, remove the anchor and the family go into free floating. This can be terrifying for all involved because not only is there the grief of the family member to contend with but the "place" that everyone else have within the structure is now fluid. This sees many simply batten down the hatches and try to exert control over something that is not within the control of anyone.

Families can go many linear years without addressing this, preferring to deny that which has happened or try to walk thru it. WE ARE asked to address anything like this by handing to AA Jophiel that which we have picked up which simply is not ours to carry. The Archangel will not allow us to move forward until this is done. For further guidance into how to work with this you may wish to subscribe to the HEAVENs podcast where I go more into detail.

At this time we are asked to let go, to simply release and allow the movement to change our outer waking reality, this can be a challenge in itself if past experience was not pleasant, what is different this time? this time it is movement OUT of grief and this is validated thru the GRACE of Creator at this time.


Karen x

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