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AA Jophiel - the next level

In order to understand the appearance of AA Jophiel we will be taken deep into the heart space to talk with Christ. In this our human physical form we have been conditioned (and coded deep within the DNA) to fear GRIEF and DEATH. These are two subjects that in the western world are not understood very well because they are circumvented as much as possible. Yet all who take a human form will move from said human form. Energy never dies but the human form itself will do at some point. We are birthed into a reality that denies the existence of something that will happen and in the denial is the reaping. For that which we deny will remain deep within us and begin to manifest thru us. We will find disease patterns linked to the emotional residue of the passing of those who came before us. Everything is linked and this is deliberate, for when we hold on to something that should be moved thru it creates a frequency stasis and this what those who harvest humanity are looking for.

So AA Jophiel appears before us, the gateway to that which comes after and which we are here to birth into whilst STILL IN A HUMAN FORM. I cannot underline this part enough, the death and dying that we are asked to participate with is symbolic, it is the release of the deeply held separation, division and trauma that has kept our ancestors enslaved in this dimensional space. We have all experienced death in its various forms but when we deny death we do ourselves a massive disservice. Instead of releasing frequency and then embracing the next levels of frequency, we often batten down the hatches believing our human logical mind that this is the end and we act accordingly. This keeps our frequency stagnant and prevents movement and is not supported by HEAVEN in TRUTH one bit.

We will find that AA Jophiel does not take no for an answer. I have personally been working with this Archangel for a couple of weeks and it is POWERFUL. The deep release has permitted to address that which has eluded me for we keep it at a length that sees us blind to it. It influences our behavior, our thoughts, our reactions, every part of the human life experience itself.

Now I am beginning to understand the early part of my path, the repeated symbols, the repeated experiences and now I am beginning to understand my place in that which is coming. WE LOSE NOTHING and GAIN EVERYTHING by working closely with this angel.

We reclaim lost parts of ourselves and we reclaim HEAVEN in TRUTH thru working with this angel.

Information will now populate the main website and podcasts will be forthcoming explaining more about this Archangel and our connection with this angel.


Karen x

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