AA Michael - 29th Dec 2020

Greetings beloved ones WE ARE AA Michael and we come to guide and to support at this time of vast chaos upon the dimensional space referenced as "earth". HEAVEN supports you and WE ARE here in order to help you understand the support that HEAVEN offers you at this time.

It is non TRUTH to state that chaos is not a part of the unfolding of what humanity term "ascension" however the reference point "chaos" is causing a lot of unrest amongst those who have incarnated into humanity in order to move their physical human forms thru the process. To this end we wish to help you navigate the perceived chaos and give you understanding of what the process involves to ease your transition period fully.

Chaos is part of the uprooting of that which has held humanity in the grip of fear since humanity were placed into this quarantined space. This requires to be done in order that those who have incarnated into the human race can separate their energy and their human physical form from the tendrils of the rooting that was done to this race prior to implantation into the quarantine space. View this akin to potting a plant and then taking cuttings from the plant to create more plants. The original plant has to have its roots taken out of the soil in which it was placed in order that it can grow more fully and be supported in said growth.

WE ARE with you as you now walk thru this process in this your human physical vehicle, the SPIRIT in TRUTH that you are supports this process thru the movement of various processes thru the human physical form itself. This can be viewed as the integration of HEAVEN to EARTH but is much more than the human logical mind can interpret until the process is undergone and the experience reveals the understanding.

Heaven has a LEGION of angelic support as you now begin to shift and to expand and to understand WHY you are here at this time within this relatively young but very traumatized race.

WE call to our emissaries thru Karen and ask that they join us within the heart space, we ask that they let go of all the logic and reason that seeks to drown them at this time and simply open their heart space in order that we can connect to them and we can guide them more fully.



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